Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence for the UNDISPUTED title

Who will win this fight?

  • Terence Crawford

    Votes: 51 63.0%
  • Errol Spence

    Votes: 30 37.0%

  • Total voters


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Come on man, couldnt even give him until the end of the year to sort out the rematch...Ennis definitely deserves a shot though but I would have told them you have until the end of the year especially with all the stuff going on with PBC and Showtime
the ibf are hypocrites. they could of pulled the same move on spence after first talks broke down for the bud fight and bud fought his mando.


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IBF is the worst belt. They are also the most corrupt. All they are trying to do is get more sanctioning fees through title fights with muthafuckas I have never heard of.

Sadly welterweight went from the greatest division to the worst that quick. Ennis and Ortiz waited so damn long instead of beating down the door. The biggest match up will be a scared Thurman vs Ennis.