Scarlett......she has held up well


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I think I fucked Scarlett about 25 years ago at a club in North Jersey called the Brown Derby. It was one of many fuck spots all around the black neighborhoods. I was mad young, horny, and green as a leprekhan. It was a strip club that had a long ass closet in the back with lights and you could have a standing fuck in the room next to other people fucking on either side of you. Those were the days. If it wasn't scarlett, then it was her twin. She was short, pretty, and Puerto rican. Anyone here remember that spot?


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AGAIN.... read what was said... nobody but you mentioned shit about tricking dying... the subject was would the thirsty strippas start selling now.... if they was already selling..... they would find other ways to sell... it ain't gonna make those that weren't....catch word.... weren't already selling, start to sell... :smh:

sidebar: salty stupid ass gets his feelings hurt and starts throwing rocks cause he made the wrong comment.... are you fucking 12? I comment on what's in left field and you're commenting on what's going on in the right field bleachers and can't comprehend what's being said.... dude I don't pay any bitch to see her sitting in front of a camera... ur the expert on the tricking game and all aspects of it cause.... you trick... plain and simple... you... are about that life and can stay in it... you're fundamentally moronic... you can't grasp shit


My people had a strip club and I grew up in that shit. So yeah, I'm about that life. You grew up in your room watching cams.


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I remember when Scarlett dabbled with XXX porn. Spent most of her time hiding her gut. She never was "prime." The only video I've ever seen that ranked "down there" with the Kim K and Ray J. video. Yet she's managed to hang in there all these years. She never ever smiles and that gives off a negative vibe. She should've retired when Vanessa left.

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Man I still have a bunch of UVP stripper tapes around here, Scarlett, Latin Spice, Italia, Miss Toni just to name a few. They had the type of women black men loved. :yes:

Fam, I was in LOVE with Intimate back then with her chocolate fine ass. Italia was my shit too. Scarlett was bad but those two had my attention more. I’m a legs guy, that might be it.



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Pinky wished she was in Scarlett body class at this point. Scarlett got the father of time on her body but she can bounce back if she put the gym time in. Pinky been working out for years and she bigger.
lol so true but ill still smash pinky and wife scarlett.