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Sanders campaign requested CUT in number of Puerto Rico polling locations


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Someone had re-titled the article, so I was mad at first until I scrolled down because I thought it was clickbait, but he actually did this, though the details are sketchy. My questions are: Are candidates allowed to do this, and if so, did the local party actually honor the request?


Results slow in Puerto Rico as voters face long lines

Voters in Puerto Rico reportedly faced lines of more than two hours to vote Sunday in the Democratic primary.

According to an MSNBC reporter, some voters who were waiting in line in San Juan decided to leave rather than face the long lines.

The commonwealth initially had 1,510 polling locations. But it announced last month that the number of polling locations would be cut to 455 for the Sunday primary.

Robert Prats, president of the Democratic Party on the island, said the 455 locations are four times more than the number of polling locations open in the Republican primary in March.

Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders were up in arms over the cuts, with supporters tweeting about the change. A "Sanders for President" reddit page also called the reduction "about as bad as Arizona" and dozens of Sanders supporters voiced concerns about the cuts on the page.

But the local party told MSNBC that the Sanders campaign had requested fewer stations.

The Puerto Rico primary has 60 delegates at stake. A large win for Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton could clinch the Democratic nomination for her.

Some ballots weren't even removed from the polling places until after 6 p.m., according to MSNBC

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