RIP Irish Grinstead of 702


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Yes, her twin sister Orish died from kidney failure years ago..
damn rip
but i was mixing them up with the group Blaque
the one who dated kurupt

Might be thinking about Natina Reed from the group Blaque (Kurupt's ex-fiancee). Sadly, her sister passed less than a year after her.

i was


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Their parents HAVE to be devastated.
Yeah, but it gotta be something with genetics and the family history having that illness because that's way too young to die and they lost both of their daughters they have to bury before getting buried by their own daughters.


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guaranteed heart attack or everyone else.. brah...this shit is getting heavy.. brah
Doubt that it was either considering that it's been said that she's had a long battle with something. Her twin sister died in her 20's and I wonder if she had the same ailment that led to her death.

R.I.P. I hope that her family is okay. I believe that she was a mother


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The twin and the this sister were on a reality tv show with other ex members of groups trying to rehatch their careers and shit.

I used to read the "word Up" magazines and all they would talk about was these girls,Immature,Usher and a few other groups,very little articles but mostly pictures and shit.And they were saying that the twin that passed had lupus and after almost dying from it and getting it under control the medications destroyed her kidneys so she needed a transplant and she became a spokes person for that cause,she got a transplant and was on the road to recovery and rehursing with the group again 702 but was setback again do to complication from lupus but this time wasn't much that could be done but making her as comfortable as possible.

Also her and RayJ were a couple for many years and I'm mentioning that because after they had broke up he still was paying for her medical bills because she became sick while they were dating.
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