Price of the brick goin’ up: YouTube TV increasing to $64.99 a month


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My Direct TV / AT&T TV package looking good at the moment. im grandfathered in at 60 bucks for one of their top packages.
I have ATT fiber internet for $25 for life as long as I keep an ATT cellular plan. I have direct tv, every year i call them when my contact is up and get a deal. On average I pay around $110 a month for satellite and internet
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$5.00/mo for Kodi Streaming w/ all the channels available, free movie and TV apps are plentiful, and torrents ( Make sure to have a VPN).

I'm good to go.
Thanks, I'll have to do some research. I don't even know where to start. I don't know where to send my $5 :puzzled::idea:


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Time to holla at Adam
$5.00/mo for Kodi Streaming w/ all the channels available, free movie and TV apps are plentiful, and torrents ( Make sure to have a VPN).

I'm good to go.
Id definitely holler @ Adam1st since u can get board . He was having some server issues when I tried to sign up.

I went with Sapphire and found a special for six months $20 three devices.

Think this is it.50% off Promo Code: BigCiga4 if not letme know.

Paired this w IPVanishVPN, $99 for 3 yrs. 10 devices. I posted this do a search.

Called optimum to cancel and now I have basic and internet for less than I’d pay for internet alone. Lol

I’m IPTV for life now I ain’t going back. Only regret is I’ve been getting raped by optimum all these years.

That Sapphire deal u have to take advantage of. I love it.

Carry on......


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Basic cable is about the same price and doesn't use your internet bandwidth.
The pandemic really brought that into focus

People who live alone and only open the streaming app to watch the cable shows they want to watch can manage a streaming service with a data cap.

When you have older folks in your house who want to use the TV as background noice, a streaming service becomes more of a pain than a help.


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The "Legal" IPTV services have the advantage of low or non-existent equipment vs Cable. Had Hillary Clinton won back in 2016 the head of the FCC was going to force cable companies to decouple the equipment requirements from their services. In short, they would make an App available. This would have been huge as STB cost can be as high $20 a month per box. If you have 3 boxes you're looking at 60$. So while YTTV has increased in price essentially it still compares favorably with cable. You can be sure if Biden Wins that there will be streaming IPTV equivalents for all the major cable companies. When you get right down to it cutting the cord was a pipe dream. Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Disney, and the rest will end up costing as much as most Mid-tier cable packages depending on what you're trying to watch. If you want to keep it simple you can still save a buck or two. One of the smartest moves you can make is getting a rooftop antenna and couple that with a device like the Silicon Dust HDHomerun Connect which has 4 OTA tuners. You can access OTA programming via an app on the usual devices you use for streaming. Couple that with Xumo and Pluto TV and perhaps Tubi and you have Local channels and a few dozen free TV resources. Add a streaming service and you're in business.
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Yeah fuck them. $64.99 they can kick rocks.

Canceling once that 8/22 date comes around.

My ATT wireless service gives me free access to WatchTV with HBO and HBO Max, but the stations available on WatchTV are limited, but better than nothing.

I have my Plex server, Amazon Prime video, Netflix and Disney+ so we'll be fine.