Maybe three or four times. (Chocolate)


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or 3-4 HUNDRED times
The op is gay. He doesn’t know what straight men really say so he comes up with ridiculous posts.

he’s autistic and only cares about his post count. Years ago, before I moved out of the US and was here all the time, easy b used to have a different screen name. He was a regular poster and posted similar content. Then, for some reason he violated and got banned. He then created a new name and begged HNIC to at least transfer his post count to his new name. He was begging like a yamp.

Easy b has always been gay. He obsessed with numbers like most autistic people

Race Harley

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You dudes just need to stop with all the gay shit, your colors are showing, but if you do want to talk it, do it under the name that everyone knows and stop hiding behind a "different" name. You can change your name but your "voice" still sounds the same. SMH

With that out of the way, she loses the wig and I'd work that ass out a few times!