Man Fuck George Bush And Cheney

jam hunk

Rising Star
BGOL Investor
Goodbye to these theiving lying motherfuckers. How can any American be sad to see these fuckers go?

We can't travel as we please overseas anymore without being scared
We dont have enough money to travel anyway since BUSH fucked with the oil prices
Everyone knows he fucked up in Iraq
Are we sure he didnt plan 9 11?
Exxon makes 46B Dollars profit while everyone else bleeds
BUSH uses our Taxes to bailout his rich Finance Org buddies

You can add to the list

How many Iraqi and Afghani children lay dead?
How many good American Soldiers didnt need to die?
How many people lost their homes?
How many people are bankrupt?

See how happy he was to jump in the helicopter and leave.

So I say it again FUCK BUSH!!!