Malaika Terry ~ Light Skinned Pretty Young Thing from Toronto

Lexx Diamond

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, Italian
, and Irish



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I could find a place for her in the crib so longs as she don't whine on the downstroke...


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I was going to say the same thing....damn near to the the fuck can he see her thru all the she ....cough....hope she looks nice with out all that glam !!!!


Light she's beautiful. I get many women like to wear MU but in some pics she has on entirely too much. Even if she toned it down like she has in this pic

I digress and still prefer her natural look. Either way, she bad though lol



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+100 with real eyebrows and a little makeup...

Real talk. She'll never have to work or do shit in life to put food in her mouth and clothes on her back.

Trying to reconcile that with all these parents struggling out here to provide for and educate dark daughters with afros and 'ethnic' features.

Oh, I almost forgot. Raw no pullout.