'Log off! Log off!' teacher orders students when sexual assault livestreamed during first grader's remote learning class


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I keep hearing let prison handle him

Like its some fact.

Why are we always so sure that is going happen?

There are a lot sick freaks just like him in there too.

We need to handle that.

He shouldn't even make it to gen pop.


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In January, Grooms, who’s now 22 and lives in Jefferson County, Iowa, failed to update his information. A requirement under the terms of his probation states that Grooms must update his location and employment information with Iowa’s sex offender registry every three months. According to FOX 17 Nashville, Grooms has repeatedly broken probation rules, including failure to keep full-time employment.

Meanwhile a young Black woman was sent to jail for not doing her homework.https://www.propublica.org/article/a-teenager-didnt-do-her-online-schoolwork-so-a-judge-sent-her-to-juvenile-detention



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Like they said the sexual assaults, child abuse, and domestic violence went up since the covid.. cause all the predators that live at home or nearby have easier access to would be victims... 1 of the very dark sides of this covid shit
There was an argument about this in a thread some months ago where some dudes acted like they couldn’t understand that an abuser being around someone they’re abusing MORE would lead to MORE abuse. We even explained to them whats called “safe hours“ where the abuser wasn’t around the victim because of work saved the victim from some of the abuse and they still acted like they didn’t get it..smh


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Yeah, he's done. Breaking away, and trying to run in front of a speeding truck might be he his best option.
hey look I get it we are not all perfect.. but how do you betray the trust of a young child,

there is a demon in people that do that, and I dont say kill him,

but that demon needs to be beat out of him...

I say tho that pedos shouldnt be killed, the rest of their life should be spent

in misery and working for the rest of their life for the children they abused...

they must contribute large portions of their money to a trust fund for the victim..

whats baffling is

how did he have access to a minor like that is that question??

they need to find out to make sure it doesnt happen again....

and even that sick fuckin cac in the post above, they never say how he had access to the baby he raped.

and from what I understand the baby had both parents available..

Im not tryin to come down on the parents but.. how the fuck do you let some little demonic lookin cac, have access to your child...???


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they say this is the age of truth, I was just on worldstar and peeped this video

of this reporter in Alaska giving up the name of a fuckin pedo MAYOR in that state....

she goes HARD on his ass..... we need so much more of this....



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Fuck this dude!!! I physically get upset with bullshit like this! They should chop dudes duck off and make him eat it !