Land Expropriation Without Compensation

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    The ANC has finally made changes to the law that explicitly allows the government to seize property.

    South Africa provides many insights that can be applied to African Americans in the U.S. into how the past misdeeds of Europeans/whites affect the current economy. Here we can see that free market forces will not correct inequality problems between blacks and whites based on slavery, Jim Crow, or forced dispossession of assets. Because these assets have generated so much wealth for whites over many years, the land that was bought by the government through a willing buyer, willing seller than sold to blacks reverted back to whites because of the lucrative deals they could provide over other black sellers.

    We also begin to see the delusional thinking of whites who instead of doing the right thing, will come up with all kinds of irrational logic to explain their rightful ownership of the land. I tried to put myself in their place, knowing my ancestors had done horrible things, would I accept this property that was passed on to me? There is only two options, come up with some deluded irrational logic or do the right thing by vacating the land.

    1. Claiming that the land was resold back to them after it was transferred to a black owner by the government. This program was probably created by them and used highly paid black intermediaries to give the illusion of fairness.

    2. Claiming some sort of false persecution in their home country that forced them to resettle in South Africa, rather than a planned ethnic cleansing of the Africans. This is how many whites in the U.S. rationalize seizing land from Native Americans in the U.S.

    3. Their presence has greatly enriched the country, based on their superior natural skills to farm or possession of technology that has benefited everybody. In many cases, they have caused over population.

    4. In the U.S., many whites will claim they are providing freedom and democracy for everybody when it is a racial caste system of tyranny.

    5. Another tactic is fighting a war, American Revolution or Anglo-Boer wars, to legitimize your ownership. It would be like two people fighting over your house and claiming ownership with a victory. It is a very effective peychological tactic to confuse the indigenous population into accepting their colonization of their land.

    Here in the U.S. many whites benefit from having companies that were started many generations ago, that bias their hiring toward white. Even though generational wealth may not transfer, they benefit significant from having these institution established that favor them in their hiring process or providing equity to their startups.

    I have personally come across their deluded logic when they try to rationalize stolen intellectual property from illegal surveillance or deriving ideas for products or movies from my work that I receive no compensation. They have devolved into terrorist acts and threats. Using force to remove them from their land is the only option to create equality.
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    Here the majority African population used their political power to seize the land of whites.

    Here whites have through illegal surveillance expropriated without compensation my work by electing political leadership that will not enforce the law equally. They have used violence against politicians or law enforcement to intimidate or harass them.

    Internationally, they have tried to intimidate other countries with tariffs or assassinations. There is evidence these tariffs were planned years ago.

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