Lance Reddick from 'The Wire' dies at 60

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I just wrote about this with Biggie Smalls which is tripping me out, linking the Italian mafia with drugs, although loosely. Baltimore hasn't had a white mayor in ages, yet here he magically is Italian that groomed Lance Reddick for police commissioner. Lt. Daniels was intimately involved in the Barksdale case.

Biggie Smalls wore Italian gear, glasses, shirts, and even named his group after them. He raps about being in the drug game and his video shows him getting busted selling drugs.

The Wire had a season about Unions and linking them to the drug trade. The mafia was involved in rackets that are now legal such as gambling, sports booking, sex work, alcohol. These RICO cases now look like a stretch and persecution.

The Godfather had similar garbage, and came out when Nixon started improving relations with China. Unions are a major political machine in the United States, that affect trade with other countries, wouldn't shock me if China took a position against them/the mafia.

know what really went down and why he got killed. His murder will never be solved because it will expose to many things on the street.



One of the alleged rackets of the Italian mafia is Unions. Unions are politically active and affect trade policy of other countries such as China. By getting the mob hemmed up with the Feds, it reduces the incentive to get in the Union game.

It would be similar to me calling myself Junior Mexican cartel, The way he was got in Los Angeles a stronghold for the Chinese was to send a message. The mob is a reclusive organization that wants to operate in the dark, and not be played all over the radio drawing heat from law enforcement. Since he alleges involvement with drugs that links them to criminal activity, another aggravating factor.

1. I remarked about Charlie Sheen, "Wall Street"; another person getting AIDS mysteriously that featured Unions in his movie.
2. Magic Johnson - Converse
3. Tommy Morrison/Sylvester Stallone

Biggie was maligning Unions by attacking the real mob and he got caught up. This has been done before through other forms of media and is consistent with their strategy. I am sorry to say it, he could have been a foreign agent, I have dealt with many of these fools in the black community. If a company is hostile to Unions domestically, they get access to their markets and preferential treatment (the carrot).


I remarked about this with the drug cartel murders, we need to be careful putting other groups name in our mouths; linking them to us by filming in their country. That slick mafia rap garbage ended when Biggie was got.
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This dude looked completely healthy.
That's the thing that fucks me up. You see people that look like death and they are still around, yet a man like this who looks completely healthy dies at 60

Old, evil ass white Republicans still upright, the turtle McConnell, and that other Trump cronie with the herpes on his lip, and Lance Reddick passes.

I swear God gives evil people too many fucking chances

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He hosted America's Book of Secrets on History Channel. Big deal to have a Black man host that (in my opinion).

His style and class will be missed!
Back when hosting something on the History Channel meant something. Now it's all aliens and nazis.