Jim Crow south

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    In the Jim Crow south there was a man name Otis Moss Sr. Whom got up early on election morning in Troop county Georgia. This was a very important election. So he put on his only suit and his best tie to walk 6 miles to LaGrange where he was told he would vote. And once he got there after walking 6 miles in his good suit and tie; they said BOY you at the wrong place. You need to go over to Mountville. So he walked another 6 miles to Mountville and once he got there; they said BOY you at the wrong place. You need to go to the Rosemont School. Can you picture him walking from dawn to dusk in his good suit and best tie; with his feet tired and once he got there; they said; BOY you too late. The polls are closed. He didn't get to VOTE. By the time the next election came around he had died. His whole life he never got a chance to VOTE.

    Wow; Oprah told this story today at an Abrams rally. On Nov. 6th I will cast my ballot on behalf of Mr. Otis Moss Sr. Your walk will not be in vain. Win, Lose, or Draw
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    It will be interesting to see the post-election analysis. Abrams was thought to be much closer in Georgia than last night’s results.
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