Jamaican's don't own shit in Jamaica....say it ain't so Shabba Ranks


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Saaay what? I would of thought Jamaicans ran shit in Jamaica but it's crazy they don't,sad on so many levels and they better not get over here in the states and pop nooo shit.
They will out you for speaking the truth about what is going on in Jamaica,crazy.

Watch the whole 19:06 of the video


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Have known of this for a long time as in how many of the natural resources like Bauxite which makes aluminum was always sold out to other countries to control in Jamaica. Many things like roadways and agriculture have been taken over by Asians as well.

Same in America. Many are unaware as to how many Asians nations own hundreds of thousands of acres for agriculture and wind farms. They own many in congress and politics. China can't grow what we grow in the US so they took over the farm lands, quietly. They are now controlling our social media and censoring what they want us to see and think.

Chinese companies own many new roadways and toll ways in America as well.

Nothing different from Jamaica and many West Indian countries. It's sad but those in control and govt sold out their own country.

China thinks in dynasties, controlling somewhere for hundreds of years. Long after those who sold out their land are dead and gone.