Introducing Dunn Purnsley- Boardwalk Empire

Discussion in 'Blackgirl Online' started by BenQ, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. BenQ

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    I’m just noticing now this is Michael from gta making all the Jew jokes

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  2. Mack1052

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  3. moblack

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    Glad this thread was bumped. Excellent show
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  4. Mack1052

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    Figured on a cold weekend like this, it made sense
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  5. Winslow Wong

    Winslow Wong Well-Known Member BGOL Gold Member

    One of my favorite shows - up to a point - veered in too many directions and then a very lackluster final season and finale.
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  6. PsiBorg

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    O'le boy took the sling from his arm, and tossed it to the other cat... Then they proceeded to give Dunn Pernsley the beat down. That was one of the best scenes ever. I loved the dialog in that show...

    I liked Valentine's character as well...
  7. tpotda

    tpotda Well-Known Member Registered

    Jeffrey Wright played the hell outa the Dr. Narcisse character that was based off of Casper Holstein. Would've been dope if they could've had Madam Stephanie St. Clair or a character based off her in the show too
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