Here’s How Electric Cars Will Cause the Next Oil Crisis

D Kline


With all good technologies, there comes a time when buying the alternative no longer makes sense. Think smartphones in the past decade, color TVs in the 1970s, or even gasoline cars in the early 20th century. Predicting the timing of these shifts is difficult, but when it happens, the whole world changes.

It’s looking like the 2020s will be the decade of the electric car.

Battery prices fell 35 percent last year and are on a trajectory to make unsubsidized electric vehicles as affordable as their gasoline counterparts in the next six years, according to a new analysis of the electric-vehicle market by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). That will be the start of a real mass-market liftoff for electric cars.

By 2040, long-range electric cars will cost less than $22,000 (in today’s dollars), according to the projections. Thirty-five percent of new cars worldwide will have a plug.

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They had mass produced ev's around 18 years ago. Then the oil companies and the government outlawed them. You either brought your car back to the dealer or go to jail. Sony made a documentary called " WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR" . I had put it on youtube but it got taken off because of copyright. After the protesting and all, they have been talking about the return of the electric car for many years now. The so called Nissan Leaf has been well advertised but I do not know anyone with one. The only people that got EV"s that I know of is the ones that built their own.
At the time they were mass producing EV's, here in a small town in Alabama they kept telling people where to go to fuel up their electric cars. I even saw a person driving a solar car in B'ham. Then all of a sudden the news did not talk about where to fuel up the EV's for years. Then I found out why.
There is a catch to everything. When they took the electric cars from the citizens they crushed them and shredded them. They kept 5 of them to put in a museum. But they took out the motor and ignition so they could not be duplicated. One lady all she can do is go to the museum every now and then and look at the car she use to drive.

D Kline

Original nation aka Cointel Pro fall back. I rode in an electric car GM BRAND before it was popular.