Goodfella's Star Ray Liotta Dies at 67


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Not only is Goodfellas my favorite movie of all times, it was the first thing playing when I turned on the TV in that hotel room in Yuba City 4 days ago!

Now the guy who made it happen is dead way before his time.


Feel like smashing a goddamn telephone booth

Me too. I had to settle for banging my Old landline handset against the table about 6 times.


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RIP Shades of Blue was the best tv series to come on In years
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I just watched Goodfellas for the thousandth time a few days ago.
He could portray the most intimidating to the most kindest souls with ease.
I think about Goodfellas and Corrina,Corrina is the best example of his range.
He was just always a welcome presence and it's a presence that will be greatly missed.


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Chinese/Mafia Connection

One of the rackets that the Mafia has been alleged to be in involved in or was is Unions. Unions are political power that can fund or organize voting for fair trade candidates. Fair trade is the antithesis of how the Chinese conduct their global trade with other countries, they wipe out all domestic production so that all you know is buying some foreign made product such as consumer electronics, solar panels, EV, apparel, footwear that has no domestic production. Many people assume it is corporate interests that are involved but you are dealing trade policy of what other countries want to enforce.

Right when President Nixon starts normalizing trade relationships, that is when the Godfather hits the move theater, what a coincidence. Than you had movies like the Goodfellas. The Chinese have been known to assassinate/attack people that conflict with their trade policy with bio weapons, especially us. Just promoting domestically produced products like Magic Johnson or showing Unions - Martin Sheen (Wall Street), could get you killed or infected. I predicted some character assassination scheme being used against Elon Musk. American Apparel was also attacked in a similar manner.


If you ever encounter many of the Asian companies, they are staunchly anti-Union and build their manufacturing in the South or piece of shit cities up North that bow down to them. Many of these cities cling on to me in desperation due to the lack of talent they possess to building an economic base. I don't think the mafia realized what they were up against when they got into the Union racket and still don't until I came along.

Ray Liotta, Richard Trumka, James Gandolfini could have been taken out by any number of powerful entities based on the cause of his death, definitely cause to raise your threat assessment up. I want to produce an Asian/Chinese Godfather like movie based on my extensive research to show this dark side.
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RIP. he was looking kinda rough the past few years

To be fair, he had some bad reactions to fillers or botox a few years before this film. If it's bad, there really isn't shit they can do about it, you just have to wait for it to wear off.


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damn he passed during in Domincan Republic in his sleep, during the filming

of dangerous waters...

Hey sixties is too early but... thats the way you supposed to go out..

In Yo sleep..

Its how Im going out when I pass at age fifty five years from now

120...peacefully in my sleep..

RIP to the Rayster!!!
props mayne