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Nah man. Just keep your device updated. My brother said he had an issue a few months ago and within a week there was an update that fixed it. The secure folder is solid for keeping your business private. So if you have children that are always wanting to play games on your phone or a nosy girlfriend you can go ahead let them use the phone.
Thanks for the info, gonna set it up later.

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Instagram Ultra. I used to use GBInsta but this is even better.

InstaUltra APK v0.9.2.10
  • Developer: Sommer Damous
  • Version:
  • Category: Social
  • Size: 38MB
  • Update: March 11, 2019 at 7:53 pm

Gbinsta application has no longer received new updates in the future, so you should find another alternative. InstaUltra is the perfect solution. We have introduced you to Gbinsta – one of the best mod apps of Instagram with millions of users. However, the developer of this application Omar (@atnfas_hoaks) has announced that there will be no future updates of Gbinsta. Perhaps there is a certain problem that we cannot know.

There are many people who are using Gbinsta because it brings many great features that are not available in Instagram Official app. So, we need the solution to continue using Gbinsta with the latest features. It is InstaUltra – a perfect alternative to Gbinsta, which brings full of GBinsta’s features and performance so you can use it without any difference. In addition, InstaUltra will be regularly updated with the official version from Play Store, so users will always be guaranteed to experience the latest features and interfaces.

Today, we bring you the APK file of InstaUltra latest version. You can download it in this post and install it easily with just a few steps. Besides, we provide with the secure download links. If you are a Gbinsta user, we recommend quickly replacing it with InstaUltra because there will be no future updates from the GBMods Team.


As we mentioned, InstaUltra is an app that can replace the official Instagram app. It has a full interface and features from the original. It also adds many useful advanced features. With InstaUltra, users can download Instagram videos, images, stories, and many other things. You can scroll down to read all the key features of this application.

InstaUltra is a product of Sommer Damous from Soula Mods team. If you like Whatsapp Mod, you will know this programmer. He is a participant in developing a popular application now called Soula Whatsapp. We will also have a review of this application in the future. We hope you will read it.

Recently, InstaUltra has been developed, which is quite good and has many useful features like Gbinsta. However, there are still many things to improve. It is difficult to compare it with GBinsta but it deserves to try. The developer also said that he will add new features to this application in the future. We should be temporarily satisfied with what InstaUltra brings to. Let’s explore the key features of this app right below:

InstaUltra: Key features and characteristics
  • Easily download and save Video, Photos, and Story from any user on Instagram
  • Copy the profile of your friends and send it anywhere.
  • Hide status viewing mode: This feature is similar to GBWhatsApp. When you click on someone’s story and view it, your account will appear in the watch list and the Story owner will see it. With InstaUltra, they will not see you anymore.
  • Copy the links in the message board
  • Allow audio playback right when you start watching the video. By default, the videos will mute until you touch it to turn on the sound.
  • Easily download entire photos in an Album. You will not need to take time to swipe through each image and save them. With this feature, all will be loaded after just one touch.
  • The app allows you to download Video Story.
  • Copy comments easily by keeping the comment and selecting “Copy”.
  • The app is absolutely safe. You can feel secure when using InstaUltra because it does not contain malicious code. Your account will not be banned from Instagram if you use this application.
  • In addition, there are many other features available in the future such as changing themes, copying the biography…

Download InstaUltra APK latest version
You can find the APK file of InstaUltra from another source on the Internet. However, you should be careful because it can be harmful to your device. Here is the exclusive page to download the latest version of InstaUltra. We will update the regular download link. In this post, you can also see more tips or new notifications from the developer about this app. You can also Bookmark this article and access it to update to the latest version of this app as soon as it is available. Don’t forget to check the CPU of the Android device you are using (We recommend using the CPUZ application). You should choose a suitable link to download the APK file so that you don’t have any problems. Here are instructions for downloading and installing InstaUltra APK latest version:

  • Selecting the appropriate download link for your device and downloading the APK file. You can then find it in the “Download” folder in the device.
  • Open Settings-> Security. Go to the “Unknown Source” option and Enable it.
  • Browse to InstaUltra file APK, tap on that. Select “Install” to start the installation process. It may take a short time.!xt8nGK5A!QLICiWn8txs4ey2XSuysQobfmVCWP-uNlI_lyeH6638


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brave app its browser app that values privacy

Airvisual app , just to see the air quality around my area or to a country am travelling too

datally : data saving app by google

eventbrite to see whats going on in the area i could attended

files by google , cleans up unwanted files and good visualisation of memory on phone

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As you probably are aware, there are numerous applications on the play store for various arrangements. Some play store applications are allowed to utilize, and some are paid. Each engineer of applications creates and dispatches applications since they need to procure cash through these applications.
In this way, there are two different ways for applications to acquire cash. Right off the bat, they can pick up by selling the highlights of the application. Besides, they can likewise permit promotions on their applications to profit. Presently, it relies upon the engineer that what he needs from the application.
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