Discussion in 'Blackgirl Online' started by Drayonis, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Drayonis

    Drayonis BGOL Investor

  2. BDR

    BDR BeatDownRecs BGOL Investor

    You late breh
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  3. Drayonis

    Drayonis BGOL Investor

    I been following her for a long while. But this video reignited my interest.
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  4. BDR

    BDR BeatDownRecs BGOL Investor

    I would long stroke that properly
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  5. mcguyver

    mcguyver Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

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  6. tallblacknyc

    tallblacknyc Well-Known Member Certified Pussy Poster

    Avoid the last several minutes...entreprenegro starts acting like a bitch on stage
  7. Dr. Truth

    Dr. Truth Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    I bet her pussy smells wonderful
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    APOPHIS Autodidact BGOL Investor

    I was just listening to her album on youtube about few minutes ago. She's so diverse and talented with her music.

    I want her to blow up and simultaneously stay relatively unknown but to a few. I'm sure I'll grow tired over her over-exposure and silly antics, but for now, she's a gem to my ears.
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  9. Drayonis

    Drayonis BGOL Investor

    That's all that can be done
  10. Drayonis

    Drayonis BGOL Investor

    Oh she talented alright and fine as fuck. The female NBA team of fine ass entertainers
  11. ScottyPiffen745

    ScottyPiffen745 BGOL CSI: Connoisseur of Sluts on Instagram™ BGOL Investor

    I bucks with her.

    She's a little sloppy thick, and you can tell it'll be bad in the future, but I'd have some fun droppin' dick off in her in the meantime.
  12. furlough

    furlough surviving the game BGOL Investor

  13. CPT Callamity

    CPT Callamity Titty Feelin Villain BGOL Investor

    I was hoping someone else saw this. She's thickening up in the bottom :yes:
  14. rage

    rage Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    I'd most definitely smash this crazy bitch.
  15. DJ

    DJ BGOL Legend Certified Pussy Poster

    Fuck no !!!

    This brawd is beat !!!

  16. sammyjax

    sammyjax Grand Puba of Science BGOL Gold Member

    Raw but she better be careful
  17. Drayonis

    Drayonis BGOL Investor

    When did no makeup and bad skin ever stop a ninja from fucking?
  18. DJ

    DJ BGOL Legend Certified Pussy Poster


    I still gotta pass, she does nothing for me.

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  19. D'Evils

    D'Evils Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

  20. TheyCallMeBe

    TheyCallMeBe Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Sheit she looks good with no makeup. Just give her some Aveeno and you str8
  21. largebillsonlyplease

    largebillsonlyplease Large BGOL Legend

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  22. booty_visionary

    booty_visionary Well-Known Member BGOL Patreon Investor

    She might as well get naked. Nobody cares about her voice and neither does she.
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  23. yaBoi

    yaBoi X-pert Professional BGOL Investor

    that's beat?
  24. Drayonis

    Drayonis BGOL Investor

    Naw she can sing. Got some good music. Wacky but she's mad talented.
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  25. Gemini

    Gemini Versatile BGOL Investor

  26. 4 Dimensional

    4 Dimensional Resident Meteorologist BGOL Investor

    Looks like her thickness is reaching “you better start toning me up or else” levels.
  27. AtomAnt

    AtomAnt Cookie Monster Cookie Jar BGOL Investor

    She good to go
  28. Database Error

    Database Error Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

  29. Database Error

    Database Error Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

  30. Database Error

    Database Error Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

  31. BDR

    BDR BeatDownRecs BGOL Investor

    Nothing but long stroking
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  32. sammyjax

    sammyjax Grand Puba of Science BGOL Gold Member

    I'll beat this muhfucka into a coma

    Espresso when she wake up though
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  33. The Untouchable GDFOLKS

    The Untouchable GDFOLKS Real Niggas Get Real Pussy BGOL Investor

    If you seen one mixed chick (black and white) you have seen them all. Most of them look exactly alike..but with that said I am fucking raw dog right after she washes her ass...she gives off that bad hygiene vibe.
  34. theoriginalgreatone

    theoriginalgreatone Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

  35. hocjo2626

    hocjo2626 Horace C. Jones II BGOL Investor

    She looks like a thick Angela Rye. :D
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