Ethiopian model Selamawit Shiferaw .....


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The house would catch fire cause of the sparks in the bed sheets from the friction of my toes....tryin to get traction digging her out !!!

sidebar: someone send her Instagram to Nzinga....tell him to post no more shit unless it's heat like this...and no more fake poetic stories bout what he thinks....their fuckin name means !!!


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damn. she fixed herself up

Waaaaaaiiiiiit a minute! She got braces and her teeth STILL look fucked up?! Just how jacked up were her teeth to begin with?!?

And yea always thought this chick was banging
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on another note....look at the back ground of some of her pics.
people who got pictures of themselves all over their houses are weirdos too me.
Very fragile....
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My pops told me once when I was a youngin that Ethiopian women are the prettiest in the world. I didn't realize it until I got grown because up until that point I had never seen any.