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they probably tryin to find away to monetize their shit like madden. get a mobile app and shit..

madden got dudes payin up to a fuckin thousand dollars for game packs...



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This is the second time they haven't released a game because nobody wants their shit over 2K. They make so much money from everything else that they could have sold their NBA game for $20 for years to undercut 2k. Companies do it all the time until they can catch up to their competitors.


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Damn. And last year was the first time in a while they actually had a decent game that was moderately competitive with 2k (which has been feeling itself for years now and is boring especially if you’re a sim-style online player).


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The kids don't play that shit. They are strictly 2k.

EA is lucky they got the NFL to give them exclusive rights to football. 2k would have buried them there as well.
speaking of football

and i know it's a long shot

but if this XFL shit takes off.. 2k should do an XFL football game

i'd buy that shit!


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2K has been fucking up so they need to seriously make a quality game. An early jump on next gen basketball could do a lot for them.


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I hope Live comes through on Next Gen so 2k can get their shit together. They're becoming complacent like Madden


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2K online play is so trash. Im not talkin about street cause I havent played it but actual online play with real teams is horrible. There is a consistent 1 sec delay between button pushes. I cant play like that. Offline it plays nice but I cant fuck with online.


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Just make an NBA Street.

2K fucking up the basketball and the wrestling games, too.
Speaking of NBA Street

NBA Street V2's gameplay has become quite legendary, even though it's arcade based, it plays well and requires some sort of strategy, plus it can be adapted to the modern day 3 point heavy game.

On the flip slide people would want the customization options of NBA Street V3 and EA would proceed to rape people with DLC if they did that.


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I liked Live. It had its flaws but their The One mode was fun. They need more animations and the motions could be more fluid but it wasn't that far off. 2K stole the WNBA idea from them too. Now you're talking about next gen when PS5 is next holiday release so it's basically 2 years off.