DETROIT heads ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Now I wholey DO NOT subscribe to this but...

8-mile and baseline

ANY mutha fuckas say shit to me about baseline I either ignore them or correct them and tell em it's 8 mile I don't care if you are in Northville it was 8mile first.


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southfield and joy
I had a buddy that was right off Rutland/Joy Rd.

I forget the name of the projects that was over there. I was a real scary situation in the mid to late '80's:
  • Crack epidemic in full swing
  • Spots everywhere
  • Projects still open
  • Murder in the air
  • Stick up man working overtime


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I wasn't gon say nothing but my one experience there was the same. and everytime I tried to check for them they was closed.
I think they were just a front to launder money
seriously, they were open so rarely that I doubt they made any money
food wasnt actually that good either.


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I used to eat the King Fish there...., & why don't you recommend a JAMA spot, it's too easy to be critic.....

lol there arent any good ones in the D

maybe cause i lived in east london and nyc with real proper food

I was just happy this place was open as it is.