Dan Kennedy - Ultra-ADVANCED Sales and Persuasion Strategies


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Dan Kennedy - Ultra-ADVANCED Sales and Persuasion Strategies
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Here's just some of what you'll discover in ''Ultra-ADVANCED Sales & Persuasion Strategies'':

- How to rapidly improve the sales process of any business to maximize marketing ROI
- How to increase the value of any business from the point of sale forward...(where the real profit, value, money, & equity are)
- How to tip the scale between trust & fear in YOUR favor (this is critical to making more sales)
- The ''Psychological Approach'' to selling that changes the context of the sale from betrayal to trust (your closing ratio will skyrocket when you start selling from a position of trust)
- The real task of selling (it's not what you think)
- Why people are afraid to buy & how to overcome these objections
- The gold key of all gold keys when it comes to sales...few people really get this about the sales process, but those that truly understand it know how to achieve exceptional success in the selling process (owners of Ultra-ADVANCED Sales & Persuasion Strategies ''get it'')
- The 4 ''tipping points'' that can have an enormous impact on closing the sale...or NOT closing the sale (these are like the 4 legs of a chair...each one creating a more solid foundation)
- How to identify & more importantly eliminate the ''reasons why'' prospects don't buy
- How to makeyourself more relevant to your market (it's a lot easier than you think when I show you how...)

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