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THIS thread/post is the answer to all the :bullshit:happening today.
REAL history and TRUE facts!
Present info to Desantis, Greene, Scott (FL & SC), Trump and FOX News -
dare 'em to try to refute reality and truth.

Kennyh Akers, a Brother who lives in Salt Lake City, UT of all places, posted on this blubird.
A 1797 treaty stating America IS NOT and SHALL NEVER BE BASED ON CHRISTIANITY!
I don't follow anyone but I find stuff now and then! He has LOTS of good info in his nest.



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@bbuzzard I updated my reply :)

Until there is a strong united Africa with an strong economic and military system in place, we will always catch hell.
I know Africa isn't one country, but neither are the European countries, but they work together for the benefit of whites.

Whites will never give up or share power equally with black people. We wouldn't either if we were in charge.

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