Busts rhymes spotted in the nyc meat packing district “the mr c stroll”


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While an investigation of a shooting at dream hotel during gay pride month on the rainbow side of manhatten busta ruhmes is spotted on the mr c part of town. say ny post article

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Everybody know Busta is gay
No wonder he is always angry and such an asshole...

It's all good tho

He don't rap hip hop from his American brethren

He reps hip hop from the Jamaican fam...

So that's their battybwoy problem
Not everybody. If he goes full Cee, hip hop will be set back at least 20 years.

Bruh after Africa bambatty.....

If hip hop aint stop then it ain't stopping now.

Bambatty proved hip hop always had agents..

And I always wonder ed why Zulu nation never

Evolved and become a powerhouse like the Panthers...

These muthafuckas were agents to ensure another BP movement is not set off...

Bam shouldve been helping the youth...

He was too busy fuckin them..


Cia and FBI are weak as fuck

Without their agent provocateurs

Pure pussy...

We need to clean house of all agents