Black CIA/Mossad

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    A well put together presentation by Professor Truth. I do alot of intellligence gathering and analysis that I report on by simply visiting communities and interacting with people such as my State of the Union thread.

    1. Intimidate politicians in office through violence.
    2. Elect political leadership that will not enforce the laws or investigate their activity.
    3. Intimidate or threaten countries economically and militarily.

    I can quickly see deranged/psychotic behavior and quickly linked that to the Congressional attacks, and other white terrorist event covered up by their media outlets.
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    Until Jay Z is vetted by our black intelligence services, I would not support this film. He may be capping for white supremacists for money. A film about a black teenager, being made by a white director for a major white studio.

    Obama/Jay Z have done similar questionable moves in the past internationally, cosigning white supremacists. The Martin family needs to distance themselves from this sick fuck, using your son death to make threats and money.



    We eefinitely need a Black Mossad/CIA to investigate black people like this in the community that are suspect and are supporting the white supremacist agenda. No wonder rappers are getting 'robbed' going up the street, nobody can trust these fools being promoted by whites. Jay Z needs to register as a foreign agent, than get followed around when he visits his old neighborhood until he goes back to his white enclave.
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