***BGOL Hall of Fame Voting***...[ Baby Cakes ] ..."DENIED INDUCTION !!"

Is she a 1st Ballot Hall of Famer

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BGOL Hall Of Fame Inductee Thread

BGOL Hall Of Fame Denied Induction Thread

Baby Cakes

100 Votes ... 80 needed to be Inducted ....

Lets go fellas we need better participation ...we can do one a day if we get more people playing

we have a lot of chicks that`s eligible so lets get the votes cracking ...:yes:



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Cute chocolate women have always given me hell in my personal life but I always go back.

I'll vote yes due to her looks and breast size


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A waste of a yes vote....

Damn she was pretty, body was nice....but again no energy....

Mt. Yukon

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I was a big fan... I vote yes... Plastic ass, no energy Lacey got in, come on man!!! This shit is inconsistent as fuck.


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She was a very nice looking chick. Body was banging. However she doesn't warrant first ballot consideration. Probably 3rd or 4th ballot at best. Always seemed like a cape worthy chick that somehow stumbled into the smut game. Glad she did.:yes:


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I vote yes because she has that neighbor parents gone for the weekend look in her eyes.