April 'Diana Devoe' Carter


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she was already one of my fav black chicks in the porn biz...i heard she fell on hard times...i remember seeing her video of her years ago losing her house ..i think it got auction off and also she was talking about she couldn't get no work and broke...i hope thing are alright with her!!

also, did she had a baby with that dude John E. Depth??

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With white wife in tow.

That anal scene fucked her head up more than I imagined.

That scene should have been SOOOOO much better than it actually was. :smh:
nah, i think they're referring to her recent interracial lesbian marriage....

especially since she had been married to "Alexander Devoe" for over a decade previously
Fam - yall drop gold nuggets of nothing. We all normal folks, we have NO idea what yall talking about but we hanging on every word waiting for the reveal.


What are yall speaking on?



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I'd be all up in it!
But she needs to stay naked or in lingerie...she dresses like my 65-70 year old aunts


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I too would've wifed this woman up years ago.
When she 1st entered the porn scene I thought she was the most desirable sister in the game.
She had it all.
- Beauty.
- Body. (Damn near perfect) :)
- Brains.
- She gave great performances.

She's still so damn beautiful...
Agreed. :yes:


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interesting that She did scenes with both Vanessa Blue and Kitten separately..but was never able to get them both to work together again..... what caused the break up Helicopter?

and this..... LOL!!

I remember this pic - right off of her site. She had good quality but she didn't have enough content man, I dunno what happened.

And I thought they were the trifecta - the perfect trio for any scene - Kitten, Vanessa and Diana - WHO COULD HANDLE ALL THREE OF THEM?? And it never happened.

I love when she got behind the scenes, that was a power move but I wish she would've done both sides. Even when she put on weight it ALL went to the right places and I was dying to see her do more scenes.




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Damn I remember when she first started back in '95 when we used to get our porn from the newsgroups. She was really cute. Seems the years within the sex industry have taken their toll on her. :(