All governments lie


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I got to check this out. Seems like lies are what become popular and official. I am surprised they made this and more surprised they allowed them to make it. What I mean by that is a lot of material is disappearing. I know that during the reconstruction period when slaves were let out of slavery and they might get a chance to learn to read and write they went and changed a lot of the books. This was mainly books for the 10 percent. But the last 40 or 50 years since the rise of great white devils they can actually tell the masses anything and say go back to sleep and it works.


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Just wondered if anyone has seen this documentary.
Thanks for posting. Of course governments lie, because people lie, even to themselves.

But since you brought it up, should we just leave it at that ???

What is our challenge, our duty with regards to governmental postulates of truth or fact?

Assume them all to be a lies, and move on?

Examine them for their truth and veracity; and accept those our best reason deem truth/lie?

Study them, arrive at a conclusion of truth or lie? - being always open to revisions ?
How does an average man like me discern whats truth/fiction ???



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If anyone hasn't seen it, here's the download