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I had to run some errands earlier
I just tuned in.....just when Jordan Reed made that low catch off the ground
Not sure what happened if the 1st quarter though

And fuck the refs on that roughing the passer call
Basically gave them a touchdown
:angry::angry::angry: :angry:


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Jerrick McKinnon
13 carries
13 yards
1.0 average

Come on Kyle stop playing this bum so much
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Damn that was an ugly 4th down attempt
Huge momentum swing here
Watch the Saints go down the field & score



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Oh shit is Drew Brees out of the game ???
Jameis "turnover" Winston is playing ???
Oh hellz yeah, we need to pounce on this opportunity



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Defense did there job
Good play Kinlaw !!!
Now don't fuck up again, Mullens
We need to score something



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Jesus Christ, now Hasty is hurt
Which means McKinnon will come back in
Fellas I can't watch this game anymore
Mullens and the offense is so so bad
If Beathard can't convert...this might already be over



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Just terrible man !!!
Can't believe Shannahan hasn't made adjustments to handle that Saints player
Gardner-Johnson (#22) has been wrecking us all game long
Dude keeps blitzing off the edge, over & over again :smh:
I was into the game and didn't chat. Damn game had me so heated that I really couldn't chat. My damn fingers wouldn't work.

This dude blitzing from the slot had me extremely pissed... Why?... cause he was telegraphing it all night. Dude was literally staring right at Nick Mullens every time he blitzed. You think someone would have picked up on that and made him pay for it... NOPE!!!

Despite that we were still in the game. Damn offense needs to step it up. Just a little. McKinnon looks like he got a piano on his back. Not sure why Shanny was even trying to run him to the outside. In 2 weeks we should see Mostert and Austin Walter backing him up. Jet should be 3rd down for his hands.