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    Black police officer fired for sharing info about other pigs with Black Lives Matter protesters

  2. God's Gift

    The truest piece about race and income in amerikkka. ( Bipartisan but NOT Colin friendly, NOT for the feeble minded or black trump supporters on here

    https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/20/politics/election-2020-trump-race-economy/index.html (CNN)President Donald Trump's increasingly naked race-baiting heading into the final stretch of the 2020 campaign suggests he shares the consensus explanation for his grip on White working-class voters: it's...
  3. blackpepper

    'You should have been George Floyd' and 'Get back to the fields'

    It starts early and last our whole life. Black high school baseball player says fans yelled 'You should have been George Floyd' and 'Get back to the fields'
  4. xxxbishopxxx

    Trump Appeals To Racist "Liberals"

    Saw this on Huff post. Could this be the group that will guarantee a second term for Trump? https://www.huffpost.com/entry/white-liberals-racism-trump_n_5d5aaec5e4b056fafd0f07e1 Why Some White Liberals Will Probably Vote For Donald Trump A new study demonstrates that racist dog whistles work...
  5. kirkout

    Racism in Rosedale, Queens New York City 1970’s

    I didn’t see this posted on here. Someone posted it on Twitter in a thread about Trump’s base. The video really shades a light on things. This documentary is from the fucking early 70’s! It’s crazy how nothing has changed. The funny thing about this video is you see whites immigrants talking...
  6. Rembrandt Brown

    Trump begins re-election launch week with vow of mass immigration arrests starting next week

    Conveniently announced just before his official re-election campaign launch. :smh: But I'm sure he is sincere, even though ICE operations are supposed to be secret and he has threatened criminal prosecution over past immigration raid revelations. :hmm: Trump vows mass immigration arrests...
  7. Rembrandt Brown

    “I’d rather be a black middle-class person than a white poor person.”

    For context, the relevant excerpt from a much-longer article: Every Thursday for the past few years, 26-year-old Sean McElwee, an autodidact political consultant and leftist Twitter personality known for his Abolish ICE activism, has hosted a socialist happy hour in a dank East Village bar...
  8. TheyCallMeBe

    Bill Maher on that bullshit again makes racist Popeye's Chicken remark

    Bill Maher Kicks Off Black History Month with a Popeyes Chicken Joke That Will Probably Make You Throw Hands Jay Connor Yesterday 1:20pm Filed to: BILL MAHER 29.6K 1534 Photo: Casey Curry (Associated Press) Remember that time when “comedian” Bill Maher told Republican Senator Ben Sasse: “Work...
  9. K

    Medical Apartheid?


    Spike Lee says RESPECT WHITE FOLK a.k.a " I need Cacs to support my latest Black Klansman"

    https://thegrapevine.theroot.com/spike-lee-wants-us-to-respect-our-white-allies-white-p-1828175768 Spike Lee is well-respected as one of Hollywood’s biggest and blackest directors. On Friday, his latest, BlacKkKlansman arrives in theaters; the movie tells the story of Colorado Springs...
  11. regulus

    Anybody live & work in Silicon Valley?

    I'm considering a move out west and I'm curious about the black experience working in tech. What's the housing situation like? I understand that it's expensive but I have other questions. Do you have to pay extra for parking at your apartment (if you have one)? How bad are property taxes? How...

    Yall Uncle Al Sharpton says marrying into white supremacy shows racism is on its last breath

    http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/388474-al-sharpton-royal-wedding-shows-white-supremacy-is-on-its-last Rev. Al Sharpton said Saturday’s nuptials between the U.K.’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a biracial American actress, show that white male supremacy is “on its last...
  13. LordSinister

    Welcome to the Whitest House Jasiri X Nice throwback style track!! Fire!

    This is the kind of hip hop an old head like me loves!

    Police Chief urged recruits to shoot Blacks


    Zimbabwe’s new president offers money to white farmers

    And so it begins:angry::smh: The new President of Zimbabwe has promised to compensate the white farmers whose land was seized under the Mugabe regime as he appealed for Western sanctions to be lifted and for foreign investors to help to rebuild his shattered country. Emmerson Mnangagwa pledged...
  16. Drayonis

    Why are black Americans less affected by the opioid epidemic? Racism, probably.

    Amid all the horrors of the opioid painkiller and heroin epidemic, one good bit of news is communities avoiding the worst of the epidemic? Amid all the horrors of the opioid painkiller and heroin epidemic, one good bit of news is that it hasn't hit minority communities very hard. But there's...
  17. S

    Marvel Writer Convinces Kellogg's to Change Racially Insensitive Cereal Box Artwork

    Kellogg's has confirmed that it will be replacing art on boxes of Corn Pops cereal following complaints of racial insensitivity from the writer of one of Marvel Entertainment's most critically acclaimed current comic books. You can't make this shit up. Seriously, how does this get past their...
  18. K

    Dove Soap: From Dirty (Dark) to Normal Skin

    Since I was using the products of these devils / beasts, can the fam recommend alternatives for a Bgoler?
  19. xxxbishopxxx

    I guess this Becky ain't feeling Trump either..May have to hold her hand in public

    Racist Fla. Woman Charged in Viral Fight Video Yesha Callahan Yesterday 5:57pm Filed to: VIRAL 1.2K114 YouTube screenshot Updated Friday, Aug. 25, 2017, 5:57 p.m. EDT: The woman in the “teal dress” now has a name, and according to Florida’s Local 10 News, Summer Cortts, 39, a Boca Raton...
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