1. Soul On Ice

    I love posting fit beauty's like her (sue me)

  2. Soul On Ice

    One protein shake away...

    until then :fucking::hulksmash2: fitlikecandy

    Just joined the Gym. Looking for workout routines

    Peace BGOL Fam. I'm looking to mainly get rid of my gut and want to gain more energy. I have 2 little ones and don't need to be tired all the damn time. lol Any suggestions would help. I only did calisthenics in the past. My goals are to lost my belly and show the six pack that's hiding...
  4. MackInTraining

    What's Your Gym Workout Playlist

    I hate going to the gym, but a good playlist can help me through. Post a Song that get's you hype for the next set
  5. Soul On Ice


    My Fav hastag :yes::yes: