1. D24OHA

    Hand Sanitizer + Cigarette = "Total Loss" BALTIMORE (WBFF) - A driver was burned and his car destroyed after fire officials said he was using hand sanitizer while smoking a cigarette. It happened...

    Renting out your personal Car

    Any of you cats familiar with this? I recently paid of my car and thinking about renting it out
  3. neptunes007

    Shipping Car Across the US

    Hey BGOL Fam, I'm in the process of moving, and I'm looking to ship my car across the country. Does anyone know of a good shipping company to ship a car from Atlanta to San Francisco? What are the usual rates for this? What are some things I should look out for when picking a company to use?
  4. Mask

    What's the name of this car?

  5. playahaitian

    Girl, Get In My Car...