'83 76ers, '85 Bears Or '86 Mets?

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The biggest one hit wonder of the 80's

  1. '83 76ers

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  2. '85 Bears

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  3. '86 Mets

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  1. kes1111

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    Which of these franchises was the biggest one hit wonder of the 80's that should of won again?


    The 1982-83 Philadelphia 76ers season was the 37th season of the franchise (going back to their days as the Syracuse Nationals) and their 20th season in Philadelphia.
    Harold Katz bought the 76ers in 1982. On his watch, the final piece of the championship puzzle was completed before the 1982-83 season when they acquired center Moses Malone from the Houston Rockets. Led by Hall of Famer Julius Erving and All-Stars Maurice Cheeks, Andrew Toney, and Bobby Jones they dominated the regular season, winning 65 games in what is still the second most winning year in franchise history.
    Malone was named league MVP, and when reporters asked how the playoffs would run, he answered, "four, four, four" — in other words, predicting that the Sixers would sweep all three rounds to win the title, with the minimum 12 games. Malone, speaking in a non-rhotic accent, pronounced the boast "fo', fo', fo'."
    However, the Sixers backed up Malone's boast. They made a mockery of the Eastern Conference playoffs, first sweeping the New York Knicks and then beating the Milwaukee Bucks in five games. The Sixers went on to win their third NBA championship (and second in Philadelphia) with a four-game sweep of the Los Angeles Lakers, who had defeated them the season before. Malone was named the playoffs' MVP.


    The 1985 Chicago Bears season was their 66th regular season and 16th post-season completed in the National Football League. The Bears entered 1985 looking to improve on their 10-6 record from 1984 and advance further than the NFC Championship Game, where they lost to the 15-1 San Francisco 49ers. Not only did the Bears improve on that record, they completed what is still viewed by many as one of the top two seasons of any team all-time.
    The Bears won fifteen games, as the 49ers had the year before, and won their first twelve before losing. The Bears' defense was ranked first in the league and only allowed 198 total points. The Bears won the NFC Central Division by seven games over the second place Green Bay Packers and earned the NFC's top seed and home field advantage throughout the playoffs at Soldier Field. In their two playoff games against the New York Giants and Los Angeles Rams, the Bears outscored their opponents 45-0 and became the first team to record back-to-back playoff shutouts. Then, in Super Bowl XX in New Orleans against the New England Patriots, the Bears set several more records. First, their 46 points broke the record that had been set by the Los Angeles Raiders in 1984 and tied by the 49ers the following year with 38. Their 36-point margin of victory topped the 29-point margin of victory that the Raiders had put up in Super Bowl XVIII and stood as a record until the 49ers won Super Bowl XXIV, also in New Orleans, by 45 points over the Denver Broncos. It was the Bears' first NFL World Championship title since 1963.


    The 1986 New York Mets season was the Mets' 25th season in the National League. They improved from a 98–64 record in 1985 to finish the season with a franchise record 108–54 record, giving them the division title. They went on to defeat the Houston Astros in six games in the NLCS and the American League champion Boston Red Sox in seven games in the World Series. This is their last championship to date.
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  3. c_commander

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    The Mets. They had the least comp. They had to deal with the Cardinals. The Sixers had the Celtics, Hawks, and Lakers. The Bears had the Giants, 49ers and the Redskins to deal with.
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    I am a little biased but I was at two games of the 1983 76ers series with the Lakers and they should have won more bar none. The Lakers got the best of them in 80 and 82 and they didn't have a answer for Kareem and Magic. The addition of Moses Malone was key to winning that series and neutralizing Kareem. I am dating myself on this one but that was one hell of a series.
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    your right....the sixers should had at least one more ring out that team but they exhibit what all philadelphia teams don't have...that killer instinct that all dynasty or multi championship teams have:smh:

    they won in 83 and lost the eye of the tiger..:smh:
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  8. bwb

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    Probably the Mets. The sixers were good for quite a few years they were championship contenders.
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  11. Maleman

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    Fo-Fi-Fo. No doubt.
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  14. shywriter

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    The Sixers' best chances for titles all came prior to '83 - Should've beat Portland in '77, the NBA as a whole was weak in '78 and '79 and could've beat Houston in '81 if they hadn't blown the 3-1 lead against the Celtics in the conference finals. The Lakers were just a better team, player for player, in '80 and '82. The Lakers retooled in '83 by trading Norm Nixon for Byron Scott and the Celtics got Dennis Johnson that same summer and that changed the chemistry of both of those teams for the better. The Sixers used up everything they had on Fo Fi Fo.

    The '86 Mets had way too much talent to be one and done, especially losing to the Dodgers in the '88 NLCS, still one of the bigger upsets of that decade for me.
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