Official NFL 2023 Discussion Week13!!!


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The Chiefs receivers and tight ends tonight.



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That's not the bar
Tyreek is a super star they don't need a super star wr
They literally just need 1 that can catch consistently lol
If you switch hill with ole boy that dropped the ball.. the chiefs would be celebrating and the eagles would have their second loss.. since hill left it’s been a struggle to find that number 1 wr


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Nike Gloves are shitty in the rain. That stick em shit that allows for all the one hand catches goes to shit when they get wet.

A lot of these bums ain't shit without dry Nike gloves. Tonight was just one example.

Next time ditch the gloves and play some real football. When Kelsey got the ball punched out his arms in the red zone, any coach worth a damn would have made the team change those gloves like cleats.

That's on the players as well as the coaches.