Dallas cop enters wrong apartment, kills Black man Botham Jean who lives there

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    now we just need a conviction
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    I know I shouldn't feel this way but this bitch is getting away with this shit....:smh:
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    I guess he is after the income that come with the job. And trying to let her go up against the cover up
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    The news station just showed a clip of Amber Guyger, after hearing about the murder charge ;)

    Here she is now.....

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    She should look at it like ok. I’m out anyway may as well drag this racist bitch down to hell with me. But really? A black republican sambo ass lady like her? She still needs to go. Manslaughter should never had been offered as a charge anyway. It’s murder
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    Need to give her the tip, shaft and stuff them balls in her mouth. Give her all of the DICK!
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    Is the clip online..?
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    The "clip" was the white tears gif, I just posted
    It was a joke fam

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    What degree of murder would this be? I haven't seen that mentioned yet..
  13. Mixd

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    Nucca this is Texas, there are no degrees.
    Means death or a life sentence. Period...
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    My issue is can they prove any of this under "murder" in order for anything to stick.

    Homicide Laws in Texas
    Texas Penal Code § 19.02 defines murder crimes. An individual who commits murder:1) causes death to another person, or 2) intentionally seeks to cause serious bodily injury to another individual, or 3) commits a dangerous act that results in death to another person, or 4) commits/attempts to commit another type of felony (other than manslaughter) and 5)in the course of or in furtherance of committing or attempting the offense or 6) in fleeing from the attempt or committing of the offense—he or she commits/attempts to commit a dangerous act that ultimately causes death to another person.

    Section 19.03 of the Texas Penal Code defines capital murder crimes. Under Texas law, a capital murder offense includes the commission of at least one offense as defined in the murder statute:
    1. The actor murders a fireman or peace officer who’s acting in his or her official duty.
    2. The actor “intentionally” commits murder while in the course of attempting to commit/committing a kidnapping, arson, terrorist threat, burglary, obstruction or retaliation, robbery, or aggravated sexual assault.
    3. The actor solicits/commits murder for hire.
    4. The actor attempts/commits murder while escaping (attempting) escape from a jail, prison, or other penal institution.
    5. The actor murders another individual while in jail or prison.
    6. The actor murders another individual less than or equal to 10 years old.
    7. The actor murders another individual acting in service of the judiciary.
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    Cac bitch ugly
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    Why does she look like she has mongloidism. Head shaped funny and eye are close together..........she ugly!
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    Can't embed in here, but why does it say if she was convicted that she face FIVE to Life?

    Does a police officer do less time for murder? Also it says if she doesn't get Murder to stick then they will fall back to Manslaughter? I thought if she doesn't get murder then she would walk, unless there are multiple charges against her and they hope one will stick?

    Can anyone explain that?
  18. Star

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    She could have 20 different charges against her, Lets say that weed that was found was hers and she gets off on everything else but the weed
    Well thats your Five years
  19. Mixd

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    I understand that, but the way the reporter worded it, was only about the murder charge, not about all her charges. I was under the assumption Texas murder conviction meant death or life imprisonment. Unless the reporter is wrong.
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    Yeah you can see the evil in that ugly cave bitch eyes.
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    *Fingers crossed*
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    If Jean had shot her for entering his apartment, he would be under the jail. This bitch shot him because she could. This bitch is too dumb to be walking the streets, life in prison ain't enough time for her.
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    He came with the murder charge, I think this might be our best shot at a conviction since she wasn't on duty & can't use that bullshit fear excuse.
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  24. CurtDawg

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    I'm not 100% sure, but I think they might try to get her on "Committing murder while in the commission of a home invasion" :confused:
    At the exact time of the murder, she meant to pull the trigger & she meant to aim for him & she meant to kill him
    She didn't accidentally discharge her gun, so it can NEVER be manslaughter
    I feel like if it had stayed as a manslaughter charge, she could've easily walked free on a "technicality"

    Then if they can use the door lock history evidence to prove she unlocked his door, etc, that's breaking & entering
    Combine both of those and you get life without parole or even the death penalty
    Her only defense is "I was tired, I'm stupid, I didn't know, blah, blah, blah"
    All the prosecutors need is some evidence that contradicts her bullshit ass story.....and shes done fam !!! :D

    Exact definition of Burglary == entry into a building illegally with intent to commit a crime
    And that's exactly what she did !!! :yes:
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  25. Mixd

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    I agree. I just wanna see that she parked on the 3rd floor and walked up to the 4th. Then you know her story is complete BS. Seeing a red rug, you know her story is BS.

    So factors like those, may be why they know they can pierce holes in her story is my assumption.

    And I'm not sold on the "she had a master key" theory. Don't think she did or then why was she banging on the door screaming let me in.

    We could speculate all day, as we have been for this entire thread. We ultimately have to see what evidence is presented in the case. I'm just wondering how much will be presented on the legal docs as evidence and if the public will get to see prior to the case.

    They gonna kick this can as long as possible, because it will also show what people knew and did nothing about sooner, like the DA and police chief.
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  26. Mixd

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    Something else that wasn't mentioned. I was trying to find a floor plan of the hallway layout. One vid I saw said that how she had to pass about 20+ doors from the garage door to "her" door. So you have to be looking at door numbers to realize you're on the wrong floor.

    The other factor was when the dispatcher asked her where she was when she called 911, she never mentioned she was at apartment 1378, she walked outside then looked at it "she said" and then told them it was 1478.

    As if seeing a man in underwear, eating a bowl of cereal, if you came home, you wouldn't of somewhat been like wtf are you doing here? Not thinking that he's robbing your apt in his underwear and eating your food?
  27. lightbright

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    Dallas police officer who shot man in his own apartment indicted on murder charge

    (CNN)A police officer who claimed she killed a Dallas man in his own apartment in the mistaken belief that he was in her home was indicted Friday on a murder charge, authorities said.

    The indictment of Amber Guyger comes more than two months after she was arrested in the shooting death of Botham Shem Jean at the Dallas apartment complex where both lived -- a killing that sparked days of protests.
    Guyger was arrested after the September shooting and charged with manslaughter by the Texas Rangers, the lead investigative agency, Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson said at a news conference.

    When asked why the grand jury indicted Guyger on the more serious offense of murder, Johnson replied, "We presented the evidence and we explained the law."
    Johnson said murder constitutes someone "intentionally and knowingly" committing a crime, whereas manslaughter involves "recklessly doing something."
    "At the moment of the shooting it was a knowing ... offense," Johnson said.
    The court records Friday showed both a manslaughter and murder charge entered in Guyger's file, but a clerk of court clerk confirmed that the murder charge is the one prosecutors are moving forward on.
    Robert Rogers, Guyger's attorney, was disappointed but not surprised by the indictment, given what he called an "outpouring of vindictive emotion" in a statement late Friday.
    "This is a terrible tragedy that resulted from a true mistake," he said. "We are confident that a dispassionate jury in a fair forum will objectively apply the law to the facts and find Amber not guilty."
    Guyger had already been arrested again and released on bond, Johnson said at the news conference.

    Dallas Police Chief U. Reneè Hall said in a statement everyone in the department "continues to feel anguish about this difficult and tragic event."
    "We recognize and understand the national discord regarding the relationship between law enforcement and the communities we serve," Hall said.
    She also added that the department has "developed a framework for policy change" by restructuring the Citizen Review Board, revamping implicit bias training and seeking input from employee advisory and community advisory boards.
    "We have more work to do and we remain committed to improving our relationships throughout the city," Hall said.
    The indictment is a "step toward justice" for Jean's family, said Sharon Watkins Jones, ACLU of Texas Director of Political Strategies.
    "The Jean family's loss cannot be restored to them, but we will continue to work to ensure that police officers are held to the same standards as everyone else in the Dallas community and across the state of Texas," she said.

    He didn't deserve it," Jean's mother says

    Botham Jean's mother, Allison Jean, said during a news conference that she's satisfied with the murder indictment.
    Guyger "inflicted tremendous evil on my son," Allison Jean said. "He didn't deserve it. He was seated in his own apartment. He felt safe and he was violated by her coming in and murdering him," she said.
    Allison said she hopes a proper penalty will cause Guyger to reflect on what she has allegedly done and the pain she has caused.
    Family attorney S. Lee Merritt said the grand jury decision is "groundbreaking, but it is also just a start."


  28. ZuluSam

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    It is true that in Texas there are no degrees for murder, but there are degrees of punishment. It is untrue that murder carries a possible penalty of 'life sentence' or 'death'. That would be the possible sentence for capital murder, not murder. Murder is punished as a first degree offense, which carries a possible sentence of 5-99 or life.

    You have posted two separate offense. You have posted the offense of murder and then you posted the offense of capital murder. They can prove #1 in 19.02 because she admits to it. The question will be if she has a defense to #1. She will probably try to say she shot in self-defense....using some sort of 'mistake of fact' scenario as her reasoning.

    Because murder is a first degree felony in Texas and first degree felonies are punishable by 5-99 or life in prison. The person is also eligible for probation if they have never been convicted of a felony before.

    It seems many are confusing murder with capital murder.

    As for falling back on the charge manslaughter, that is a lesser included offense of murder. So, when the case is over, the jury gets instructions on how to deliberate. Either side can ask that a lesser included be a part of the instructions, if the evidence appears to call for such a instruction. In that instance, the jury will first be asked to deliberate on murder, if they do not find the defendant guilty of murder, then they are instructed to begin deliberations on the lesser included.

    You are mixing murder and capital murder. In the statute that was posted those are two different offenses. All they have to prove for murder is that 'she intentionally caused the death of an individual.' She can then present defenses to their case, but she doesn't have to.
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  29. knightmelodic

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    You have to indict to proceed so well done. However, the conviction and more importantly, the sentence will tell the tale. Also, it's harder to prove murder than manslaughter so it's an interesting choice by the DA. And the judge will have a big influence.
    Bottom line is Dallas peeps need to stay vigilant and keep the pressure on. Write your local politicians, shit is mad easy they all have emails. If each of us would devote the time we spend on 5 posts on here to writing to local pols we'd see some movement. Believe me when I tell you, politicians worry about EVERY vote.
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  30. Mixd

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    Thank you didn't know there was a distinction between the two.
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  31. ODUB

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    I'm not getting all hyped about anyone or anything until I see that conviction and this bitch is behind bars. Renee Hall, Dallas Chief of PD was also a black woman.
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  32. CurtDawg

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    Thanks for clearing everything up fam :cool:
    Its crazy that, even if someone gets convicted of murder, a judge can still decide to only give the minimum of 5 years in prison


    That's probably one of the reasons why Mama Jean stressed, she wants a conviction & a "proper penalty"

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  33. ZuluSam

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    What's even crazier is that in Texas, a jury could even give probation if the defendant has never been convicted of a felony before.

    But, I have tried several murder cases and there are instances where that might be justified. For example, a man and wife have been married for 40 years. They hardly ever had an argument. They traveled the world as adventurers, raised outstanding kids and lived a great life. They were each other's world. They spent ever waking moment together and never tired of each others company......they were love personified. And the man contracts a debilitating and painful disease. He has no hope of recovery and every day only brings more pain and suffering. He lays in his bed every day withering away and writhing in pain whenever he is awake and uses each breath to beg his wife of 40 years to kill him and end his suffering. One day she takes a pillow and smothers him.

    That is intentional murder. You are on the jury. What is your sentence? She is eligible for probation or 5-99 in prison.
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    A sista, you already kno .....

    RUDY RAYYY MO Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    I'm just happy to see a black family stay on the cacs neck and not on some pray and forgive bullshit

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