***BGOL 2nd Ballot Hall of Fame Voting***...[ Garcelle Beauvais ]

Is she a 2nd Ballot Hall of Famer

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Garcelle Beauvais

100 Votes ... 70 needed to be Inducted ....

Lets go fellas we need better participation ...we can do one a day if we get more people playing

we have a lot of chicks that`s eligible so lets get the votes cracking ...:yes:



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This is honestly one of the few times where I can vote NO a 2nd time and feel the same now as I did then.

This woman (although attractive) has never done anything for me personally. She's just not my cup of tea.

To each his own though :dunno:


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And I'll vote for that ugly horse faced slore two more times...

And THIS is why I have the personal qualifiers. I have voted broads in that do NOTHING for me (I am NOT a fan of Kim Eternity, but I am pretty sure I voted Yes for her) and I have voted No on women that I have a thing for.
  1. Body of work
  2. Freakiness
  3. Longevity
I have had to amend it for white women, you not gonna suck a couple black dycks and get into MY fictitious Hall of Fame!