human rights

  1. Rembrandt Brown

    The Second Bill of Rights: How FDR envisioned social and economic rights as human rights

    The Second Bill of Rights How Franklin D. Roosevelt envisioned social and economic rights as human rights. By Jill Priluck Lapham’s Quarterly JUNE 11, 2018 A few days after Franklin D. Roosevelt’s State of the Union address on January 11, 1944, New York Herald Tribune columnist Walter Lippmann...
  2. Art Vandelay

    True or false: "Biologically, you are either male or female."

    Please read the article before voting. Shift in medicine behind restroom rifts? Matt Reed, Florida Today May 4, 2016 Why is so much of America, including Brevard Public Schools, suddenly arguing over which public restrooms should be used by transgender people? They've always lived among us...
  3. Lexx Diamond

    African American History aka Black History & History of Afrikans World Wide

    Instead of starting a whole lot of threads I'll keep this one updated. Please feel free to add on positively.