Woman celebrating birthday died in Dominican Republic after son begged her to stay home.

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    Y'all go on and stay fucking with DR. I'll be in Jamaica or Panama or Belize or Trinidad or Bahamas or.....

    Staten Island woman celebrating birthday died in Dominican Republic after son begged her to stay home

    By Theresa Braine
    | New York Daily News |
    Jun 13, 2019 | 11:50 PM

    Leyla Cox (Facebook)

    The son of a Staten Island mom who died while she visited the Dominican Republic to celebrate her birthday says he begged her not to go.

    Leyla Cox turned 53 on Sunday. She died Monday of an apparent heart attack, Dominican authorities told her devastated and shocked family.

    William Cox, her 25-year-old son, told the Staten Island Advance that his mother left for the Dominican Republic on June 5 and was supposed to come home June 12.

    “I am overwhelmed and confused and in shock,” he told the Advance on Thursday. “My family wanted her to not go on this vacation. I truly believe if my mother was not in the Dominican Republic, she would have been alive right now.”

    Friends are equally blindsided that the woman who went on vacation happy and healthy is now no more.

    “We got the call from her sister/son that she apparently had a heart attack and passed away in the Dominican Republic ????” posted a colleague, Peggy McGinley Reilly, on Facebook. “Hopefully this will be investigated.”

    Cox’s death is yet another in a string of deaths of American tourists in the island nation.

    The Dominican Republic has called them isolated incidents, but they are adding up.

    Most recently, on Tuesday 40-year-old Surely Miller vanished from a beach in the coastal town of Cabarete in Puerto Plata province. She was apparently dragged out to sea in a rip tide.

    Among the others to die were Miranda Schaupp-Werner, 41, of Pennsylvania, and a Maryland couple, Edward Holmes, 63, and Cynthia Day, 49. They all died within five days in May in the same Bahia Principe resort complex.

    Several other visitors to the island have died as well, often after drinking from their resort’s minibar.

    Relatives of deceased visitors to the island wonder what really happened to their loved ones.

    Back in April the brother of “Shark Tank” star Barbara Corcoran died of an apparent heart attack while vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

    The FBI is assisting in toxicology analysis, but that may not help the Cox family, who told the Advance that they cannot afford to have her remains tested. They will be cremated and sent back home for burial, William Cox told the newspaper.

    “I have a right to be suspicious,” Cox said.

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    This place is done.
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    Bootleg liquor eyed as cause of Dominican Republic tourist deaths

    By Larry Celona and Ebony Bowden

    June 13, 2019 | 10:11pm

    A minibar in a room at a Dominican resort offers booze on tap. Cops are investigating if tainted minibar liquor is behind recent tourist deaths. Angel Chevrestt

    Cops are investigating whether at least seven tourists who mysteriously died in the Dominican Republic were poisoned by counterfeit booze, The Post has learned.

    Officials want to know who supplied the alcoholic beverages the victims drank in the minutes and hours before their deaths over the past year — and if the drinks had any dangerous chemicals in them, law enforcement sources said.

    The FBI is assisting and will take blood samples from the dead back to its research center in Quantico, Va., a source said.

    The Dominican government insists the fatalities are isolated incidents, while reps for both of the resorts where victims have died — the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and Bahia Principe — described the deaths as simple accidents.

    But most of the deaths bear similarities, as they involve apparently healthy adults — at least some of whom drank from their hotel room minibar before suddenly becoming gravely sick.

    Five American tourists have died in mysterious circumstances on the island this year, while the family of two others who died in 2018 say they now suspect their loved ones met foul play.

    Others have reported falling ill, but surviving, after drinking from their minibars.

    A Post reporter at one of the resorts noted the vodka in the room had a strange, potent smell resembling pure alcohol.

    Lawrence Kobilinsky, a forensic science professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, said the symptoms among some of the dead — including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea — were consistent with poisoning from methanol or pesticides.

    Methanol is a type of alcohol not safe for humans. It is regularly used as antifreeze.

    “Adulterated alcohol is usually methanol added to alcohol or just plain methanol, which is very, very toxic,” Kobilinsky said.

    “It looks to me, from what I’ve heard and read, is that something was added to the drinks or bottles in those little refrigerators.”

    Health inspectors from multiple agencies conducted extensive tests on the pool, air conditioning units, food areas and alcohol at two Bahia Principe resorts where three visitors died, said the Dominican Ministry of Public Health. They are waiting for the results.

    “There should be no methanol at all” in the liquor, Kobilinsky said. “If it’s there, it means it’s been adulterated or put there deliberately.”

    In 2017, Dominican National Police dismantled five labs used for the manufacture of alcohol not safe for human consumption.

    But Hard Rock bartender Angel Santana, 43, said contamination claims were “not possible.”

    “I have been working here for nine years, and everything here has always been very safe,” he said.

    In a statement, the Hard Rock said clinical tests from Hospiten Bavaro, a hospital in Punta Cana, showed both deaths at its resort were caused by heart attacks.

    The hotel also said it buys only “unopened products from licensed and reputable vendors.”

    The first suspicious death at the Hard Rock came in July 2018, when American tourist David Harrison, 45, fell ill in his room and died. On April 14, Robert Bell Wallace, 67, also died there.

    On May 25, Miranda Schaupp-Werner, 41, of Pennsylvania, died after drinking from the minibar of her room at the Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville resort.

    Five days later, Maryland couple Nathaniel Edward Holmes, 63, and Cynthia Day, 49 were found dead in their room at the neighboring Grand Bahia Principe.

    Yvette Monique Short, of Philadelphia, died in June 2018 after drinking from her minibar at the resort.

    The family of a seventh person, Leyla Cox of Staten Island, said on Thursday that she died mysteriously in her room during a trip last week. It was not clear where she was staying.

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    Damn:smh: DR takin' some serious hits.
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    Damn.....DR better figure out the reason for whats going on...state what the problem is, fix it and show how it will not happen again...this is wild
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    Wifey and I are planning our anniversary trip to DR, I don't really drink so....

    Shit, I never thought about going Mexico, been there twice this year already.
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    there was a trini lady who thinks, its the liquor, she purchased a bottle from there, it was ciroc coconut and she threw some ice cubes in it and started stirring..

    the shit turned into some plasticy slushee like substance.. so something is up with that..

    as far as the drowning victim.. I know first hand swimming in that region of domican republic is crazy.. them waves are the total opposite of boca chica, if you arent a strong swimmer, you better know when and when not to go out there, or at least how to swim lateral an not against the riptide...

    an amateur swimmer would be doomed when them riptides come

    that being said..

    I think its a little of both some weird shit adding up and some just fucked up coincidences...

    personally I would still go... but I wouldnt suggest it for everyone..
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    Condolences to her family.
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    Man this might sound crazy....but maybe the DR shit with the poisonous alcohol is being done for a reason......drop the prices of real estate, then buy them up cheap by major investors that will come back with guarantees of safety. Just a thought.
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    Rest in Peace
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    Her son was like noooo.. . I know u going for big brown dick... Dont gooooo.

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    When the cruises pull out its :itsawrap:
    Y’all see Trump just ended the cruise and other shit to Cuba???
    For the DR, the trick culture and too many cacs moving there is behind this. Easily getting too populated by Brits, Americans and other Cacs. We all know tourists can be assholes.
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    Ever since DR signed a huge deal with China on a massive infrastructure deal. All of sudden your hearing on the news that tourist are dying?

    I guess DR pissed off somebody higher up in the America. Government
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    Whoa: Woman Shows What She Thinks Is Killing People In DR By Mixing Some Liquor With Ice!

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    I haven’t heard of any locals or the workers dying of heart attacks or other conditions just Americans.
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    How about deliberately poisoned.
  21. Mello Mello

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    Diddy fucking up.
  22. West Endian

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    Shit was all good before the Mormon invasion. I suspect that they're behind all of the bad press. They're buying a lot of land and will soon turn them into 2nd class citizens in their own country. Other than that one resort with one bad room (probably due to pesticides) this shit nothing to be worried about. Even the bootleg liquor is normal in these all inclusive resorts worldwide, but the press is only focused on DR. Now they're dog-piling a drowning (normal) and heart attack (probably from fucking a gigalo). That couple that drove off of the road were:
    • drunk driving
    • at night
    • from one end of the country to the other
    • speeding
    • in the DR
    • on a dangerous curve.
    All this shit reminds me of the "epidemic" of shark attacks during the summer before 9/11. As soon as the towers fell, poof, no more shark attacks. The press had a bigger better story.
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    Lots of places fam heck be creative. Hire tour guide or go to resort it doesn't have to be the usual spots
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    I was about to pull the trigger on an all inclusive 5 day trip to hard rock golf and casino in Punta Cana...

  26. LordSinister

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    Bootleg booze? That's fucked up
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    Taking my ass to Kingston where it’s still safe and relaxing!
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    Damn. Never been to DR. Was always a dream to plug some of that fine pussy. Now it is a wrap. I will never go.
  29. tallblacknyc

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    Nigs getting jim Jones out there
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    I remember late night in DR, early 2004, I asked this chick to get me a bottle and she came back with half a bottle of scotch. I didn't think nothing of it because, back in Brooklyn, when I was in my teens, you knew of late night bootleggers where you could buy liquor just like that.

    I was sick for two days with the runs. My friends told me when I got back home, yeah Scotch can do that to you. But thinking back, I could of had some messed up shit. I never drank scotch b4. So who knows.
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    Somebody better tug on her sleeve.:scared::tut::sick::unconscious:She didn't get the MEMO.

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    She's obviously joking.
  33. slewdem100

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    Once you have "going to DR" jokes, you know it's a wrap
  34. cold-n-cocky

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  35. playahaitian

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    My DR peeps are VERY concerned with all this.


    But interestingly the initial rumor was that this women might have been in a sexual situation that was a lityle too much for her...

    And the reason the son did not want her to go was because the family was aware thats what she was going for.

    Call me naive i had no idea women were going there for that.

    I thought it was men going to brothels
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