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Wifey, Girlfriend or Jump Off?


  • Wifey

  • Girlfriend

  • Jump Off

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the voice of reason
BGOL Investor
I know the boom boom room crew is going to wifey her ass to death, and for good reasons, shes hot.
But I will give game to some of you who don't know.
1- If you think you are man enough to get and hold on to her, then you should be used to women who look as good as her. Which, leads me to my next point.
2- Notice how she instinctually seems to hider her wedding finger and how she often wears rings on and around that finger, well to me this is a sign to what she's about, and it's not being a housewife to a regular guy.

So the correct answer to the guy who is actually in the position to get a woman like this is she's a jumpoff for the streets, pump dump and bounce while keeping your eyes out for women who are equally attractive but without the red flags.
Also, looks are sometimes deceiving so at the very least you should proceed with caution keeping your eyes wide open!


Rising Star
BGOL Investor
She's attractive for sure but any bitch who projects that selfish egotistical "I'm all that" persona like this one does would be nothing but a jump off to me. Make her type your girlfriend or wife and you'd regret doing so sooner rather than later imo. :hmm:


Rising Star
BGOL Investor
she can make it to girlfriend. she's pretty and fine as fuck so she is gonna get a shit ton of attention. can she get over being the center of attention and learn how to cook, clean and give care and love? don't have a clue but i'll be there for the ride for however long it would last. ain't nothing better than letting nuts flow every day in women like this.


Rising Star
BGOL Investor
Ya ninjas quick to wife anything.

Wait to you really get married.

You won't think to ever use that word again.



Rising Star
BGOL Investor
She is beautiful , fine as a motha . But Jump off , that;s it , something is not all the way correct with her .


Master Tittay Poster
Platinum Member
she could be the girl that gets coffee in my office. Let the young guys have her tatted up, ghetto, but fine, ass


Rising Star
BGOL Investor
She can be one of my girlfriends but not THE girlfriend but something in those eyes says she trouble. :scared:


Look into my eyes you are getting sleepy!!!
BGOL Investor
I don’t think she is ready to settle down so jump off…now I may come back for seconds if she asks me to
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