Why Oprah and Gayle won’t talk about Jeffrey Epstein?

Discussion in 'Blackgirl Online' started by doe moe, Jul 10, 2019.

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    Yes there’s a double standard but to be fair, no one wants to see an interview with him. We have no idea who he is for the most part. R Kelly’s a platinum selling R&B singer, different mediums so different attention will be brought to both incidents.
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    Nobody wants to see an interview with the epicenter of #metoo? Where’s the Weinstein doc?
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    Boys will be boys - Oprah
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    Disagree somewhat. Sure R Kelly is a more widely known name but the media is responsible for setting priorities. We would all know Epstein if they cared more about reporting it.
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    Oprah is a mammy. Mammys dont go at massa, they work and do the bidding for them. After that MJ hit piece she's exposed.

    White males will never be properly portrayed as the sexual deviants and monsters they are in the media because the media is ran by and watched mostly by white males. They tailor the programming to the audience.
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    There are hundreds of documentaries with unknown people. That recent one with the crazy white broad that was running a blood tech company, with technology that they couldn't produce.

    Edit: It was called Inventor: Out for Blood, and the chick's name is Elizabeth Holmes. She looks crazy as a mother fucker.
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    What’s Harvey gonna say, “They sucked my dick and I fucked them and in return I made them movie stars”? :dunno:

    I wouldn’t mind hearing from him, I’d also like to hear from the women too.

    There’s definitely a double standard.

    I believe I saw a 60 Minute clip about her. Is the public really clamoring to see a documentary about her? Does that really have the public’s interest?

    Not saying the story isn’t interesting, it’s just not a story most are interested in hearing about.
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    exactly oprahs job is to demonize the Gods, sell us out for six pences of silver... ol judas man hatin ho..

    I was kind of not feelin boyce at all after he got busted workin with an asian pimpin his own people..

    but he is spot on right here.

    oprah is the highest paid madame whore that ever lived..

    talkin bout cosby but.. whats up with them girls being abused in YOUR school in Africa Oprah where is the documentary on that...
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    Not shitting on Oprah, nope not doing it.
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    What about Erik Prince? net worth 2.4 billion. Leader of terrorist organization that was called blackwater, some call it Academi right now. He tries to get his men to use steroids and in one place his men were getting head from little kids for a dollar a blow job. And they were doing this daily there. The Lavenna Johnson case revealed a lot of what happens in the military that is hid and controlled. Dyncorp and their trafficking of women and little girls all over the world.
    If these are the type of people that rule and program the masses what are we to think of about the masses?
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    Yeah, I watched that shit. Bitch was a total fraud and her voice made me hate her ass even more. :lol:

    Yeah, he probably wouldn't do it, but it's not like they need R. Kelly or Micheal to do those docs. It's just priorities seem to be all off when it comes to Gail and Oprah especially since Oprah was in company with Weinstein. That's the telling part.
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  14. Hey Julian!

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    “I gave u niggas Obama”
  16. Picasso

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    Yeah she was full of shit! :roflmao:

    And yes you’re right about Oprah, she’s been silent and her and Gail aren’t going as hard on Harvey. We all know why.
  17. ViCiouS

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    so what? is mammi Oprah or aunti Gale going to do a special on it? :rolleyes2:

    the Weinstein doc had no distributor... no one bought it at Sundance:hmm:
    eventually Hulu just grabbed it in May....


    Leaving Neverland - was bought at Sundance by HBO
    and then mammi jumped at the chance to do a post show special

    Even though once upon a time she was a journalist - so she knew the doc was bullshit when she saw it - but she spewed bullshit about "victims"
    attempting to cover hypocrisy and her long desire to wench

    fuck Oprah and her barren unable to have a child -quick to sell out her skin folk history
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  18. Mr. Met

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    They never went after Cosby either.
  19. exiledking

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    This Epstein thing is some guy nobody knows. I’d ask how many of you ever heard of him before this , but people will lie. But yeah, Oprah should cover I guess. Then y’all will be happy
  20. LordSinister

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    I used to feel the same way, not anymore. She's been a part of too much bullshit and helping Ava do her thing is not a get out of jail card for me.
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    I don’t trust them.
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    Dude's licking them just right. They'll protect him till death.
  23. largebillsonlyplease

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    A 2 minute image search will show you how many people we do know, knew him and as "journalist" at least trying to appear to care about intriguing stories wouldn't that warrant something?

    Cat was cool with the president the former president and Chris Tucker was named in the evidence findings

    Nothing to see here?
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  24. Hotlantan

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    This isn't Jeffrey Epstein's first or second or even tenth sex crimes lawsuit and arrest; he has been a convicted pedophile felon and registered sex offender since 2008! So why has he only now become the new poster boy for sex perverts when documented crimes that he had pled GUILTY to have been public record literally FOREVER?


    My question is why are (Black) people specifically singling out Oprah and Gayle and questioning their action or inaction? Are they the ONLY two journalists who "matter"? Jeffrey got arrested for the umpteenth time on JULY 6 and Boyce joined the "why come they ain't..."shit fest on JULY 9 - not even 72 hours later. Now look at all of the BGOL co-signers who also apparently feel Oprah and Gayle owe them some responsibility to more immediately "jump". GTFOH!
  25. Hotlantan

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    In a profile of Epstein in New York magazine in 2002... Donald Trump remarked, "I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life."
  26. mchammertoeeesss

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    Based upon the totality of evidence, my investigative team established the following core facts: (a) Private Johnson did NOT kill herself, as the Army has claimed; she was murdered, execution-style;
    (b) the murderer was General Kevin P. Byrnes:
    (c) the murder weapon was Byrnes’ 9MM pistol;
    (d) the M16 rifle “found” at the crime scene was not the one issued to Private Johnson;
    (e) Private Johnson’s fingerprints were not on the M16, which was “planted” at the scene after her death;
    (f) nobody’s fingerprints were on the M16 even though it was touched by one or more first responders;
    (g) there was no gun powder residue on Private Johnson's hands;
    (h) General Byrnes continued his extramarital affair with a female contractor after he received a direct ordered from the Army's Chief of Staff to end it;
    (i) Private Johnson inadvertently encountered General Byrnes engaging in the very romance he had been ordered to stop;
    (j) Private Johnson’s discovery of Byrnes’ continued adultery left him startled, afraid, and desperate;
    (k) General Byrnes snapped and became violent toward Private Johnson, who did not fight back because she was as shocked as he was and because Byrnes was her TRADOC commander;
    (l) Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was briefed by Army officials on General Byrnes' role in Private Johnson's murder;
    (m) Rumsfeld and the CENTCOM general for Iraqi Operations subsequently gave President George W. Bush a classified briefing about Private Johnson’s murder and the situation with General Byrnes; and
    (n) Rumsfeld fired Byrnes as an Army general three weeks after Private Johnson's murder and three months prior to his scheduled retirement date.
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  29. ViCiouS

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    anyone remember Oprah cosigning this guy - then later catching amnesia?
  30. phanatic

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    It was a 6 billion dollar scam good brother. She was making claims, filming marketing promos, doing talks...and not a single person had seen this goddamn tech work in real time. Watch it dude, it's fucking interesting as hell.
  31. The Plutonian

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    They so fake. Didn’t say shit about the Central Park 5 when it was happening but now she wants to exploit them too. Fuck Oprah, Gayle, Steadman (keep getting yo money mane) Dr Phil, Phil Jackson ( weakass triangle offense) Steve Harvey and Harpo industries as a company , entity and a record label! And anybody affiliated with them! Fuck you too! Vlad? Fuck you too! Netflix? Fuck you too!
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    ORIGINAL NATION Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Lavena Johnson update!!!

    Donald V. Watkins
    February 14, 2016
    The Murder of Pfc LaVena Johnson – Part 3

    By Donald V. Watkins
    ©Copyrighted and Published (via Facebook) on February 14, 2016,
    Updated February 17, 2016

    Unmasking a Murderer

    On July 19, 2005, Army Private First Class LaVena Johnson died amidst mysterious circumstances. All of the physical and forensic evidence available to military investigators suggested she was murdered. However, these investigators shamelessly chose to disregard this glaring evidence and instead classified Private Johnson’s death as a suicide.

    The totality of evidence surrounding Private Johnson’s execution-style death strongly suggests that the person who killed her is former four-star Army General Kevin P. Byrnes. He was third in seniority among the Army’s eleven generals at the time. Byrnes, who was appointed to his command position by President George W. Bush in November 2002, headed the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command (1st Cavalry Division), or TRADOC command. In this capacity, Byrnes supervised the recruitment and academic programs at thirty-three Army schools, from basic training to the war colleges.

    Private Johnson met General Byrnes in July 2005, just a couple of days before her death. As fate would have it, Private Johnson wrote his name in her personal notepad and told her father about her one-on-one conversation with him. She had no way of knowing at the time that Byrnes: (a) was engaged in an extramarital affair with a civilian female and (b) had been ordered by General Peter J. Schoomaker, the Army’s Chief of Staff, to end the affair. Byrnes, who was married, willfully disobeyed Schoomaker’s order, and instead elected to make his love affair more clandestine. In doing so, Byrnes risked being court-martialed for disobeying Schoomaker’s lawful and direct order.

    Extramarital affairs among military generals, while strictly prohibited by the military, are not unusual. Sometimes, these affairs lead to reckless, impulsive, and even criminal conduct as the participants do everything within their power to indulge in the affairs under a cloak of secrecy. The torrid love affair between General David Petreaus and his lover Paula Broadwell is a recent high profile example of this deceitful and reckless conduct.

    Like General Petreaus, General Byrnes’ TRADOC command gave him the means and opportunity to practice the deception that accompanied his adultery. Also like Petraeus, Byrnes found ways to evade the Pentagon’s scrutiny of his extramarital affair, particularly after Byrnes was ordered to stop his affair. Like Petraeus, Byrnes’ affair came to light only after an unanticipated event by an uninvolved person caused its exposure. In Byrnes’ case, his encounter with Private Johnson on July 19, 2005, was the triggering event that unraveled his 36-year military career. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, in consultation with President Bush, fired Byrnes on August 8, 2005, just three weeks after Private Johnson’s death and a mere three months shy of his scheduled retirement.

    During the early morning hours of July 19th, Private Johnson inadvertently encountered General Byrnes engaging in the very romance he had been ordered to stop. She was alone at the time because the Army never assigned Private Johnson a “battle buddy” to accompany her around the base. Private Johnson’s discovery of Byrnes’ continued adultery left him startled, afraid, and desperate. Byrnes snapped and became violent toward Private Johnson, who did not fight back because she was as shocked as he was and because Byrnes was her TRADOC commander.

    During his assault on Private Johnson, Byrnes knocked some of her teeth backwards, broke her nose, fractured her neck, and inflicted other serious injuries on her body. Private Johnson was then dragged into a contractor’s tent where Byrnes staged the crime scene to make it look like Private Johnson had committed suicide.

    An M16 rifle bearing Serial Number 7095028 was carefully arranged near her body. No M16 bullet was ever located because this weapon was never fired inside the tent. Instead, Byrnes fired one shot from his 9 MM pistol into the top left side of Private Johnson’s head, execution-style. Byrnes then lit a fire in the tent before leaving the scene.

    Private Johnson’s fingerprints were not on the M16 found at the scene. There was no gunpowder residue on her hands. Inexplicably, the military did not test the M16 for traces of Private Johnson’s DNA. This M16 was not the one assigned to Private Johnson. Her M16 bore Serial Number 7097069 and was the only M16 ever issued to Private Johnson.

    It was virtually impossible for Private Johnson, with a fractured neck and standing only 5’1”, to have had enough mobility left in her battered body to commit suicide by sticking a 40-inch M16 rifle into her mouth and pulling the trigger. Furthermore, the top and back areas of Private Johnson’s head were still intact after she was shot.

    Yet, the military stands by its discredited “suicide” theory.

    The military tightly controlled access to the investigative files in this case and stonewalled the release of these files to the Johnson family. What is more, the military thought the truth surrounding Private Johnson’s murder would be buried with her body.

    In a rare disciplinary act against a four-star general, the Army announced on August 9, 2005, that it had relieved General Byrnes of his command for unspecified "personal conduct." Pentagon sources leaked off-the-record information to the media that Byrnes was fired for disobeying General Schoomaker’s order to stop his extramarital affair.

    On August 10, 2005, Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington published a story that focused on Secretary Rumfeld’s firing of General Byrnes. Huffington wrote:

    “ [T]he Byrnes firing is stunning…. In modern times, no four-star general has ever been relieved of duty for disciplinary reasons; prior to this incident Byrnes had a spotless military record; he has been separated from his wife since May 2004; the allegations do not involve anyone under his command or connected to the DoD; and he was already set to retire in November…. Something doesn’t add up. Would the Army really can a four-star General with 36 years of service, three months shy of his retirement, because he screwed someone other than his wife… in the middle of a war? …. [T]here has to be more – much more—to this story than is being told."

    Arianna Huffington was right. There was far more to General Byrnes’ firing than what the military disclosed to the public. The Pentagon knew that Byrnes had murdered Private Johnson. Instead of court-martialing Byrnes for disobeying Schoomaker’s lawful order and for the murder of Private Johnson, President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld opted to kick Byrnes out of the Army three months early.

    The cover-up of Private Johnson’s murder was successful for more than a decade because she was a young female Army private - a “nobody” in the world of Bush, Rumsfeld, and the Pentagon’s top brass. In contrast, Kevin Byrnes was a powerful four-star general who counted Bush, Rumsfeld and fellow military generals like David Petraeus among his circle of influential Washington friends.

    Byrnes now lives a comfortable life in Huntsville, Alabama, where he works as a top executive for Raytheon, a major defense contractor. Even though Byrnes was booted out of the military, the Pentagon afforded him the courtesy of publicly spinning his firing in a way that focused only on his extramarital affair. In doing so, the Pentagon, with the blessing of Bush and Rumsfeld, effectively awarded Byrnes an undisclosed de facto pardon for the murder of Private Johnson.

    Now, we know what really happened to Private Johnson, why it happened, and who is responsible for her murder. She met her death on a military base in Balad, Iraq, some 6,620 miles from her hometown of Florissant, Missouri. Private Johnson was a great soldier. She volunteered to put her life on the line in Iraq to protect America from its foreign enemies. This is the highest form of loyalty any soldier can give to his/her country. Private Johnson did not deserve to die this way - alone, unprotected, and betrayed by her country.

    Justice for Private Johnson has been delayed for more than ten years, but it can no longer be denied. From her grave, she spoke the truth. In the end, the truth has prevailed.
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    Did R Kelz run a child prostitution ring for other entertainers? He's an easy target and a way to appease the people that cut her checks. MJ is dead, easy pickings.
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  34. The Plutonian

    The Plutonian The Anti Bullshitter BGOL Investor

    That’s a very deep and interesting read. I’m inclined to believe it too. What has happened to this cockroach motherfucker? They need to bring this to light
  35. 34real

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    The people with money and power do some of the more vile shit and Oprah just happened to be apart of a club full of them and if she outted them in any form they would surely destroy what she's built.Is it wrong?hell yes but I also understand.

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