Which one should I buy PS5 or Xbox Series X?

Which one are Y'all getting?

  • PS5

  • Xbox Series X

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Why would you get both?
For me, I have PSVR so I want to stay up with what PS will be doing with that platform. Also, the PS does have very good exclusives. As far as the gaming community and online multiplats, Game Pass, and XBox all Access, user interface, peripherals etc...is XBox Series X 100%
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I was going for the PS 5 since xbox basically will have the same shit as PC. Fucking sold out already. I see this holiday season is going to be like normal. :lol:


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For me I play online games on my Xbox and the PS will be for Sony single player exclusives. I will purchase after they get all the kinks out and sale the cheaper version 2 model 6 months later. Most launch day games are not worth it for me.