Warrior Attorney Alton Maddox Jr. Meets The Ancestors At 77


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I knew he was ill but didnt know he passed. I used to watch a cable show in which the hosts would talk about him all of the time but i got rid of cable months ago. RIP
I'm sure that show is "COMMUNITY COP" on MNN Cable here in NYC.

It's hosted by Noel Leader and Michael Grays of 100 Blacks In Law Enforcement Who Care.

Maddox was lauded by those Brothers.


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Damn RIP!

There's a Warriors actor that lives in the Bronx near me. I had asked him if i could interview him. He told me many times "Yes" but my silly ass was lazy to setup.


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I remember the days when he, C. Vernon Mason, and Sharpton were rolling tight.



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Maddox's Son was there. He's was/is a Military Chaplain from what I understood. Since he was in Uniform. (at times some of the speeches were inaudible).

As for Sharpton...
Nope. He didn't show up.
That spoke volumes.
Especially if you're a 50+ Black New Yorker.
But C. Vernon Mason clarified that Sharpton and NAN did help set up the funeral and ceremonies.
And made a few statements about putting differences aside.
But I don't feel that Sharpton would have been well-received.
And I'm sure he knew that too.
There's still some bad blood between him and quite a few folks from those days.

Michael Grays from MNN's "COMMUNITY COP" was there.
He and Noel Leader from 100 Black In Law Enforcement Who Care, rip on Sharpton practically every week.
Harry Belafonte wasn’t invited to Coretta’s funeral. That’s how you know some children ain’t shit.


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If anything,
I got all my knowledge of Black History (Locally, Domestically, and Internationally) from My Grandfather since the late 60s. He had a good library of books dealing with various Black Issues. He didn't force anything on My Sister and I. I went through much of that library Myself. When I got into Comic Books, He purchased all those GOLDEN LEGACY Comics for Me. And it went from there. I went to bookstores such as The Tree Of Life and a slew of Lectures throughout Harlem. I was doing all of that until 1990 when I left NYC for over a decade to Oregon/Washington.

My Grandfather was kind of against Me going out there Protesting and shit. He preferred I focus more on School and then working a City gig like He did with the MTA. I did the MTA for a bit. That shit was NOT FOR ME! LOL

Peeps don't know what is was like running into Elders like Dr. Ben, Henrik-Clarke, Van Sertima and a host of other Teachers back in those days. So there was nothing more I could have asked My Grandfather. I was with Him as He died at St. Luke's by Columbia U.

It's sad when all these Internet "Ho-Teps" shit on Elders. They have NO IDEA what many of those folks went through. I used to Monday Morning Quarterback on Movement People too. But I still knew better.

Progress shouldn't continue to mean Struggle.
But for US, it appears that it's always going to be.

Sorry for being on an extremely lengthy trip.
Now I'm waiting to see the Black NYC response to what essentially was a Racist MURDER on the subway yesterday.
But that shit has upset Me all morning.
Especially since MURDERING WHITE GUY was let go for putting a "Homeless" Black Man in a Chokehold.
I've been on TWITTER (and other spots) all Morning about that shit.

For this to happen after attending Attorney Maddox' Funeral has left Me extremely angry.
And My Black ASS was just recently hospitalized.
How dope is this fucking post.