(0_0)..l.. finger

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good look^^^

SLAM, Where you at brotha???? Add-on... do your thing playboi

only dimes though, you already know...
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Blu Diablo

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Most of these chics I would consider a medium/pecan brown..just semantics I guess.

Fiyah post though bruh :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:

Mr. Del

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Not as dark or as naked as I thought they would be, but a damn good post nonetheless.


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Nothing better than a Chocolate sista...nothing
I got a serious Dark Skin fetish!

Dark skin..pretty feet and ass.

(0_0)..l.. finger

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I agree! She is bad as hell!:eek: She could be a black Chun Li the way she's built!

Much props
(0_0)..l.. finger. I always can expect good women in your threads:yes:
Nice post!! More sistas please!!
This Has To Be The Best Post I Ever Seen!!! I Wish I Could Give It 10 Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is what bgol should be about^
not a bunch of photoshopped pics of coco
:lol:good looking fellas, I'm going to keep this thread going:cool: