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Rules of The Game

It’s not personal, it’s just business, right? Under a company’s shiny happy surface, a new recruit cracks open the doors of a hidden scandal.

BBC spittin em out ....:yes:



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Enjoyed the most recent season of MTV's The Challenge. Prize money at the end for the winning team of 2 was $1 million. They were able to choose to keep it all, or split it up with the runners-up (2 teams of 2 competitors apiece). They made a classy move and kept 800k (400 each) & gave the remaining 4 people 50k apiece. One of the winners had already won a nice chunk of change the season prior. Plus, it's one of those games wherein you are competing solo, in pairs, or in larger teams. So bonds are formed along the way. It's not just every person out for their own 'self. Game switches up on you a number of times.

First 2 eps of season 2 of The Righteous Gemstones was quite funny, as expected. Great to have the new additions to the cast. And lol @ the dark past of Goodman's "Eli Gemstone" character. Taking it all the way back to 50+ years ago.

Wrapped up season 2 of Goliath. Season 2, episode 7 was wild. Felt like a standalone episode for the first 35 - 40 mins. Then it backtracked 24 hours for the final 15 - 20 minutes or so. 3 notable guest actors on that episode.


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Miriam McDonald

“Incredible news! ,” McDonald commented via Instagram.

Would make sense if Emma and Spinner's kid(s) be one of the new main characters..


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Co sign. It wrapped up nicely......I didn't check how much gold it was, but are they trillionares now?

Money Heist
Part 5 - 2nd Half Series Finale.


Not going to give anything away, but this was a damn good series finale and wrapped up everything perfectly.

Part 5 gave us the full story on the Spanish Mint Heist and how it was planned prior to the first heist.

Watching how it was planned out was absurd when you watch it. I will say there was a different motive for the Spanish Mint heist than what what we the audience was led to believe. It will get you thinking on how things are playing out in real life when it comes to money and government.

Very good series. Well written and played out brilliantly.

If you like a series that will play with your head, I highly recommend watching this.



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Got some nice pics on her IG page..

Her and Cassie Steele can both get it.

Cassie's sister is also fine (Alexa Steele)



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Outstanding! I'll be looking forward to seeing his performances and what it'll add to the show. :yes:

Congrats to The White Lotus Season-Two Cast on Its Alleged Italian Vacation
By Rebecca Alter

Photo: Mario Perez/HBO

Despite the inevitably negative Tripadvisor reviews that probably followed the incidents of season one, more and more people are checking in to The White Lotus. According to The Hollywood Reporter, actors F. Murray Abraham, Adam DiMarco, Tom Hollander, and Haley Lu Richardson have joined the cast of the HBO show’s second season as series regulars.

It was previously reported that Michael Imperioli and Aubrey Plaza will also be joining the ensemble, and Jennifer Coolidge will be making her rightful return. THR’s sources say the second season will take place at a White Lotus resort in Italy, so congrats to all of these people on getting to film somewhere beautiful. We even got character descriptions for the new recruits that led us to believe the second season will keep exploring themes like intergenerational masculinity crisis and the dark truths of girlbossery:

Abraham will play “Bert Di Grasso, an elderly man traveling with his son and grandson.”

DiMarco will be said grandson, “a recent college grad” (Imperioli was previously announced as the middle generation in this lineup).
Hollander will be “Quentin, an English expat who is vacationing with his friends and his nephew.”

And Richardson will play “Portia, a young woman who is traveling with her boss.”

It’s all so delightfully murder-mystery party, is it not?
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