Trump for Prison Bobblehead 2-Pack

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    The man who infamously led rabid supporters in cheers of “Lock Her Up” is having the tables turned on him in this limited edition bobblehead doll 2-pack.

    Limited Edition “Lock Him Up” Donald Trump bobblehead doll has been handcrafted to capture Trump’s villainous features and contemptuous snarl. Trump is clothed in a prison jumpsuit and bound by tiny handcuffs.

    Limited Edition Robert Mueller bobblehead doll has been handcrafted to capture Robert Mueller in all his patriotic majesty. “Bobby Three Sticks” stands in a superhero pose, ripping off his trademark navy blue suit to reveal a t-shirt with an “It’s Mueller Time” logo.

    Each doll stands 8” tall, is made of durable polyresin, and hand painted.

    Makes a great gift for anyone who loves justice.

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