Told Yall Maliah Michel finally showing that pussay!!


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Yeah she has hit that wall. But we can't act like we didn't see it coming. She been bag chasing for years and never saw the bag. Some simp will save her. I'd just smash and dash like always. She don't care about a man and never will she wants the lifestyle.


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The truth is if she was just a regular chick at the store I would be happy and cool with her body BUT since we got evidence of how she looked and how fine she was its bad she has let herself gain weight like that and now she wants to get butt ass naked fat version. She needs to drop that extra weight and then get pussy naked.

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Bitch look like PINKY now....
Nothing worse than a fat bitch with little titties

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woah...she got back rolls now. you can got dam tell what she did during the pandemic.....sit on her ass and ate good. big girl,bad dancing and fucked up lighting .....nope, i'm good


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Ol pie face has been eating too many pies.
This was a lazy routine even for her standards.
Sometimes playing the long game can be a disappointment, but I sure as hell would still lay down with this woman.