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    I have watch and listened to 911 becoming a catch phrase of sorts. It seems that few can see what 911 was really all about. First off, no one actually saw a plane hit the towers. Everyone who saw it, saidthey saw it on T.V. news. seemingly, random, people had recordings from weird places with the oddest timing. Most people only heard the "explosion". The way the building a matter of fact, the mere fact that the building fell raises a lot of questions. The facts surrounding the "owner" of the building raises more questions. The only plane allowed out of the country right after the so-called-attack belonged to the Bin Ladens.........hmmmmm?
    No wreckage or human remains were found from the wreckage of the "plane" that hit the Pentagon.
    The "dead" hijackers were found to still be alive and working in their home country.
    Building 7: The building that never got hit, but fell anyway, has it's own story.
    At the end of the day the one notable result of 911 was the fact that Poppy (used to make Opium, heroin and morphine) was growing, once more, in Afghanistan. The number one producer of Poppy in the world. Shortly after 911 heroine was on the come back in 4 major countries, human trafficking escalated, and a new "war" on drugs was declared, interestingly, by the very people that brought it back to the top of the charts. Yet there are some people who really believe that 911 was orchestrated by "terrorists" from another country, who never actually executed that attack.........think about it.

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