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{The Official 2021-22 NBA Thread} - “Are the dubs back, I think so”


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I got a feeling that word got out that there was a bag on his head, they spotted him, and took the opportunity. I doubt this was some high level recon effort.

When it's all said and done, it'll be as simple as motive and opportunity.
Good game @jack walsh13
Y'all came out ready and we weren't
Good game for who?

Sixers we’re up 19 and lost by 20, this nigga’s rubbing it in!

You supposed to be a good sport and say good game after man don't start stuff man ha
:giggle: :giggle: :giggle:


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I don’t know bro. I’m not sold on him yet. He’s solid don’t know if he can become a consistent all star…
That's fair but imagine it was Wiseman getting all the shit looney getting.

and the warriors like to operate out of the post a LOT it's something rarely ever mentioned.
Draymond is there West was there now imagine a young athletic center that can make those decisions or just post someone up and get a bucket.
who can never be double-teamed because of the shooters out there?


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“The people said some things to me back in the day that I didn’t like. They used to talk all kinds of sh-, call me n-. Talk about your family.

But it’s cool, I don’t know what the f- they were trying to do. I don’t know if it was an intimidating thing or trying to make me scared, I don’t know.
But they was f-ing with the wrong m-fer. Them m-fers kinda scarred me out there with what they were saying to me.
They were going at my a-.”
Maxwell added that he had similar experiences with other fanbases, but that the conditions in Utah were constantly negative, because of the fans.
“That’s not the only place but it just happened every time I went there. You cross the line when you [talk about] my family and people that you really don’t know about. And talk about people that we love and we know.
I don’t want people talking about my mom. Because she brought up 4 of us by herself and she had to work 2 jobs.
I didn’t really see her that much. I don’t want people talking about my family and people that I love the most.
You could talk about me, the man. Talk about the player.
I’m the one that you see and you think you know. Talk about me and try to get in my head and try to get me off of my square while I’m playing.
Because that’s the objective. And that’s cool. Do that. But don’t bring my family into sh-. That’s when you cross the line.”
Way before Ron Artest ran into the stands, never forget Maxwell did it first & knocked a cac out for talking shit :lol:



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Timberwolves don't deserve Anthony Edwards
he was for sure the right pick at #1
T Wolves been playing some good ball lately....Edwards gonna get them right. Dude cold....T-Wolves gonna fight for a playoff spot if they keep playing like this...Vanderbilt and Beverly getting them some good minutes too. Its D Lo non-shooting ass fucking shit up.


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Way before Ron Artest ran into the stands, never forget Maxwell did it first & knocked a cac out for talking shit :lol:

My dad to this day still bring this shit up lol. He was a big Rocket fan when Maxwell, Sam, Kenny, Keem, Horry was there....had me wearing Rockets shit and I didn't even like them lol. I gotta tell him how Vernon be acting online he gonna be crying lol. I'll never forget as a kid I asked my dad for a Shaq jersey and got a fucking Vernon Maxwell that was on sale I'm guessing because it was after this incident lol.


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Oh they should be banned. No place for no shit like that. I figured for Bron to do that something racial must've been said. I didn't think someone would be as low as wishing someone got Covid or hoping his kid dies in a car wreck. Fuck them that shit pissed me off and I ain't even a Laker fan. Tired of these cat's thinking they part of the damn game. Y'all not shit sit y'all ass down and drink and text or cheer and boo. They got off easy because if it was Artest in his prime he would've strangled them. Lebron did some boss shit and got them out of there.

Fuck them. That's why they sorry ass lost anyway. Sabonis getting cooked by Lebron every play fucked up my over on Sabonis sorry ass getting over 14 points.


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Allegedly they were saying some nasty & spiteful shit bout his son calling him a bitch and hoping he's in a car accident :smh:

This is,why I waited til information to came out before saying something. While,Lebron can be a pain in the ass sometimes; he's not gonna have fans get toss out of their seats for no reason.

I've said this since last year,the year before that and the year before that,that these fans think they can reckless talk and do whatever they want to players and think these players gonna allow you to get away with it. Then,you have fans and former players say these players today are soft just because players today won't let other people talk recklessly to them. If,they think going to someone's job and being an asshole to say fucked up things to them is okay then that's on them but I'm not gonna let someone do that to me.

I don't understand this mentality to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on an event just to harrass the entertainer just to get kicked out..That's a waste of money.

Now,the people that was calling Lebron "LeSnitch" all night looked like fucking idiots now.
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