Tank says giving another man oral doesn’t make you gay


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He has a right to his own opinion. IMO you gay if....

You even think that is ok. I don't wanna be near any dude that's why I never did threesomes, yuk. But hey these young brothers these days are weird to me. Wearing dresses, dating trannies. Jesus Christ. :smh:


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Smh...I don't give a fuck how you cut the pie, slice the cake, and no matter what type of justification you have, it's an iron clad man law with no exceptions that if any type of stash or beard to balls, or any type of male physical contact to another male's genitals is faggotry, that's a stone cold fag statement.


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To be fair, sucking a dick doesn't make you gay, because you're already gay when you decide to go suck a dick.


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For him to have that opinion on it.. He either got sucked by a dude or sucked one himself.

Either case he's gay.


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"If he tries it and doesn't like it."? So, when you decide that you're interested in sampling a dick like you're in Costco on a Saturday morning, then what does that make you, prison curious?

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WHERE’S THE FLAG!? :angry:

:smh: Gay is in the act of doing.

If the shit was consensual you gay.

Only way that could’ve happened and you not be gay is of you were raped and forced to do it.

Any other way is gay.


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I'm not homophobic but I hate when gay folks try to push the fuck agenda to make you think some shit they doing is acceptable as a straight male. This convo is one of those times. Tank ass is gay and that cool but some trying to take a homosexual act and put it in the hetrosexual bin.


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Nigga....The answer is "NO!" That's it. When you start trying to explain shit, then something is up.