Sudden food craving or taste that you have/had recently....GO!


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Good, healthy cereal if you can find them at a good price. Over the years I've seen them anywhere from $4.50 - 11.00, lol.


Give Me 3ft.

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Harold's chicken...6 wings salt, pepper,

mild sauce. been whole food plant based

since 2018 though! I also miss jerk chicken too!


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I have been super feinin' for some Chinese fast food. But for the past 7 years, I have tried my hardest to not eat/support Chinese business ever since Peter Liang got away with murdering Akai Gurley in a dark hallway in some BK projects. The Asians came out to protest Peter's exoneration. Ever since I don't fuck with them. I had 3 slip-ups mainly cuz of Panda Express past 7yrs. The old me would be at some Hunan/Chef wok tearin that shit up.



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Haven't had these in over 10+ years, over the last week I have been craving them.

Don't know why this craving surfaced but I'm about to fulfill this internal request.


Goddamn nigga you fucked me up with these,now I’m going to the store tomorrow to get me a bag for football this weekend cause I can’t stop thinking how good these little motherfuckers will be